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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them together, but “24” star Keifer Sutherland is still seeing his New York girlfriend Siobhan Bonnouvrier. She’s the style director at Allure magazine. They’ve been dating since last year and spent the evening in a booth at a hip West Village bar called Kingswood. They were so wrapped up in conversation that they stayed an hour past closing time. Doesn’t she have to get up and go to work? They walked out looking happy, indeed.



  1. You can bet he’s going to stick something other than a pen in her eye!

  2. Of course it’s been a while since they were last seen together, the so-called g/f is only dragged out for ‘happy couple’ photo ops. when his publicist needs to hide ‘Kiefer not on his best behaviour stories’. Have there been some lately, oh yes, hence these photos to show how much our favorite hellraiser has been reformed – don’t make me laugh!
    What this woman’s motives are is beyond me, can anyone want fame and notoriety that much?
    And if he never holds her hand, tells everyone who will listen that he is single and never takes her to any events – what does that tell you?
    I’m surprised you were taken in with this ‘news’ Janet!

  3. PLEASE spell the man’s name right, remember the rule from school – i before e except after c – does Kiefer begin with a c?
    Geez people – he’s been around long enough, and famous for long enough for y’all to manage the courtesy of getting his name right!

  4. Thank you for writing that Sharie!
    I would have commented myself but you have written everything I would have said lol.
    I fully agree with everything you have written!

  5. Sharie isn’t green she is bringing out important points which many people who follow Kiefer very closely are saying. Don’t know where the entertainment media are on this thing but they seem to be asleep at the switch. Something is going on with them and it ain’t romance, LOL!!

  6. Don’t you mean “many people who follow Kiefer very closely and are a sickly green shade themselves”?

  7. Actually green is the perfect color for me as I’m of Irish descent with red hair so thanks! That was sarcasm in case you didn’t understand it, what with all the issues you have that you want to put on to other people.
    I do have red hair though so you’re still wrong!

  8. I recognize sarcasm. I also recognize jealousy. And bitchiness.

  9. No, when it comes to him, I’ just commenting, with tryth and nothing more about the reality of the situation re. them as a couple. You are obviously not a fan or you would have been seen the situation for what it is, so, as you are not a fan, what does it matter to you? And, trust me, I’m not jealous of that creature in ANY way.

  10. Kiefer is one of the oddest looking guys in Hollywood. And his father, Donald is one scary looking dude!
    I used to think Kiefer was way better looking than his dad, but not so much anymore.

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