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We didn’t THINK Kevin Bacon could resist seeing the remake of “Footloose.” HIS version, filmed 27 years ago, turned into a cult favorite. Often actors act like they couldn’t be less interested in seeing remakes of their original hit movies – they keep their distance. But we’re quite sure they SNEAK a look behind closed doors. Kevin Bacon wasn’t sneaky – he went to a theater and bought a ticket to see the movie and apparently loved it – he immediately tweeted congratulations to the young stars. What a nice guy – he really made the remake actors happy. (Above, Kevin and his dog are on the set of his new movie R.I.P.D.)



  1. He seems to be a good hard working actor. My mom remembers when he was on a soap opera!

    I liked the old Footloose better than the new one because it looks like Bacon actually had fun shooting the movie. I liked his dancing better too.

  2. Somehow, i don’t know, but it was explained that i am really messed up in his six degrees thing.
    I feel used.

  3. Lucky you Patrick!

    They’re filming R.I.P.D. around Boston, so he, Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds have been photographed quite a bit by the local papers. All are alleged to be really nice which does not surprise me at all.

  4. What a great actor! But Kevin is so thin. He needs a few good meals to put some meat on his bones.

  5. It doesn’t surprise me when Americans run to empty their already empty wallets to support retreaded rubbish like this. No wonder the Chinese have bought up all of the US debt They own your Country.

  6. Don’t cha know that Val Kilmer is green with envy. Kilmer hasn’t been that skinny since high school.

  7. @forrest gump

    Are you serious? The bacon boy is a coke head?? I never knew that. Hope you are wrong.

  8. I read somewhere that Kevin had a little problem with drugs after he got burned by the Bernie Madoff affair. His wife, Kyra, was worried and pushed him to get help. I don’t know the outcome or if this is true, I just read it in the grocery checkout line. 🙁

  9. Pay no attention to “Forrest Gump” f/k/a the American. He makes little to no sense except on the occasional day when he remembers to take his meds.

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