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Say what you will about Kenny G, he has sold 75 million albums around the world. What’s more, he was born in Seattle and became one of the early investors in Starbucks. He and his wife Lyndie have two sons and one apparently looks like her – Noah, 11, and the other – Max,16, looks a LOT like his dad. (Above, Kenny and the kids on the beach)

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4 thoughts on “KENNY G AND HIS MAXI-ME

  1. Respect the guy more for his smart investment than his music, which the world could probably do without.

  2. That poor kid Max needs to cut off that hideous rug from his head. The 60’s are way over and tell your freak of a dad by the way while you’re at it. I’m wondering if after seeing the first kid, the mom decided to have an affair or artificial insemination for the second one in order to spare him that hideous hair? I’d shave my head if I had a rug like THAT on my head!

  3. I had jury duty in the L.A. Superior Court yesterday and was assigned to a courtroom. While waiting outside, Kenny walked into the courtroom. I don’t know the nature of the case or what side, if any, he was on. I could have been fair but the jurors were called away and reassigned. Perhaps his case settled.

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