Here’s a nice story. Kendra Wilkinson was walking into a café for lunch with a friend in Calabasas when she noticed a woman with a baby asking for money. After she ate, Kendra went to Ralphs and bought a $200 gift card and gave it to the surprised woman. It’s better than cash – Kendra wanted to make sure the baby was fed.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. In my midwestern town we see lots of scams using children while begging (not as bad as India i.e. what they do to THOSE kids) none the less it’s BAD using children for ill gotten gains.

    Kendra did the right thing, DO NOT give money, hand over gift certificates for food or food it’s self. My sister did the later and the beggar scoffed at her for doing so…they wanted the moolah.

  2. I live in Nor Cal and we have those scammer “gypsy” people with kids begging all the time. Most of them borrow those kids, they aren’t even theirs. I have seen some of them getting into Mercedes afterward. If you want to donate, give to legit places, not people on street corners.

  3. I agree not to give cash to street beggars. It encourages the behavior and creates a nuisance. There are plenty of places for people to go (at least in my community) for meals, or to shop for free in a food pantry. A recent interview of street people published by our local paper found that the majority of the money collected was used for alcohol or drugs. You are doing no favor by giving cash. As far as Kendra goes, maybe she knew she was being photographed, so she had to make a grand gesture.

  4. Calabasas is a mostly RICH area — who is this woman??? Is it a setup for the camera crew?

  5. gift cards can be sold for less than their value (for cash) by hard up junkies and cold hearted cons who just want the cash.

    donate or volunteer to a reputable charity instead of being conned.

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