Kendra Wilkinson slipped away from the watchful eye of Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion for another hip hop night on the town – only this time it was in Atlanta. She made a celebrity appearance (without her Girls Next Door costars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt) at the club Fever and made the MOST of her short-lived freedom. Fueled by numerous cocktails, Kendra got up and rapped onstage with ex footballer Jamal Anderson and she “mingled with the crowd like no celebrity guest has ever done before.” She danced, posed for photos and happily signed autographs for everyone who asked. After giving a cop a lapdance and making numerous new friends, energetic Kendra left at 3AM for an after hours party at Jamal’s house.


  1. I am glad that you find these girls and their lives as facinating as I do. I can always count on a scoop about them from you. Thanks Janet!

  2. Oh, what a fine, upstanding young lady….one with a loooong face at that. She’ll burn out fast and maybe quicker if she gets ummmm…’a gift that keeps on giving’.

  3. Looks like freaks dredged up from the bottom of the deep blue sea to me..

  4. Flat ass is more like it, there is nothing to it.
    She is sickening really. I wonder how much longer Heff is going to let her run around on him before she gets the boot from the mansion?

  5. Hope she’s saving her money before her so-so attractiveness is completely gone. She is beyond stupid and doesn’t even do a good job pretending to like Hef and the other girls. Holly and Bridget are just golddigging hos-especially Bridget who is looking old and very used up-but at least they try and pretend to like old Hef. Kendra better realize that other than doing hard core porn that whatever money she is makin now better last her for life.

  6. a relative of mine was at this “after party at Jamal’s house” and lets just say Kendra was not faithful to Hef……i’m just sayin’

  7. Of course she isn’t faithful to Hef, and he is not going to keep her around too much longer. I have read that she has really started sleeping around, Shawn Merriman, PDiddy, and who knows who else.
    She is fug.
    Hef should send her back to her meth days in Diego where she came from. She admitted it, and it was already obvious with her meth face and skin. Gross.

  8. (A) Any skank that gives a lap dance is just that …. a skank. (B) Does she ever sleep, and most importantly, does she ever sleep alone? (C) Is there just one, just one, in all of Hollywood that has any high moral values? Hollywood is rife with germs and bacteria and these two unseen things could destroy the filthy trash that harbor them.

  9. Go to the Yahoo stock message board for Playboy (PLA)… Ask Hef opinion of it all.
    Bet ya there’s no key under the door mat for her to get back inside.
    Wonder how the Memphis Playboy Casting Call went. One leaves hundreds want to fill that vacancy.

  10. After hours party…. I don’t think so. Bet her head hit the pillow and she was snoring within seconds.

  11. You do have to admit, she’s not shy about networking and meeting the right people. Isn’t it funny how some folks just go to a party and essentially just go there for the free booze and food.
    She atleast put on a performance, before and apparently after the show.
    Kudo’s to her.

  12. She’s white trash, ever see her mother or endure her annoying laughter? Holly’s the only Hef girl I like. This one can’t rap neither. Any white girl who tries to better just hang it up.

  13. I wouldn’t call her from Hollywood. She is from San Diego, and ended up screwing Hef for room and board and fame. She is not a starlet or anything, just another piece of ass for an old man. Or any man for that matter.

  14. Oh come on people. The three girlfriends is all hype and Hollywood. It is obvious that Holly is the only one sleeping in Hef’s bed. Kendra and Bridget are just part of the, “act”. Just watch Holly on the show–she cannot stand when Hef shows any of the girls attention–you think she would allow any of them to sleep with him. I think, NOT. Holly is extremely territorial. Bridget and Kendra are not going anywhere all too soon because of the cash, but if any of them does get the boot, it would be Kendra. I used to think she was a riot, but over time I just get disgusted with her. She is immature and starting to act like a common skank. Bridget may come off like a ding a ling, but at least she shows some sort of class. Holly will end up marrying Hef I am sure (she WILL make sure of that). Why wouldn’t she? He will leave her millions and she will end up with some young dude after Hef is gone. Mark my words. Holly isn’t a dumb blonde. She knows exactly what she is doing. Hef should have held onto Kimberly. Now THAT was a class act.

  15. Alright, this is absolutely rediculous. I cant believe people who dont even know Kendra are judging her. Just one thing… we all get along. those two girls are my bestfriends and Hef has no intentions of kicking out either of them. I am his main girlfriend, that means that i share a bedroom with him while the other two girls have their own. At times we all share the bed in mine and Hef’s room but there is no sex that goes on. Someday i hope that it will be just me and Hef but that day will come not because the others are cheating on him but because its time for him and i to move farther into our relationship.

  16. Oh Holly and Kendra
    you thought you used Hef???
    wow you were able to live in a safe area for awhile- I grew up in Holmby Hills. Hows it feel to be around money for the first time.. oh pardon me you are a waitress so you do come from money-
    PLAYBOY used you to help brand the company- you are so funny how you fake giggle when he tries to move near you, i know selling the soul must be tough- but you hung in there- please try to attend a college and do purchase some vocabulary building tapes. Did he make you dike off alot was it rough. I hope you dont have too much shame, you did help the brand i just wish you were paid or got stock options- you girls are so untalented

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