We’ve been fans of Ken Wahl since “The Wanderers.” His back injury and retirement from acting was a great loss (he was the Rob Pattinson of the late 80’s early 90’s.) But at least he’s not wasting his time. Nowadays Ken and his wife, pinup girl Shane Barbi, are animal activists and they foster homeless pets. Not long ago, a cat named Timothy was found glued to a Minnesota highway. The cat was rescued but eventually died. Ken was SO outraged when he heard the story that he reportedly picked up his Golden Globe (he won it for “Wiseguy”) and said he’d like to use it to beat the guy who committed that loathsome crime. Now he’s decided to DONATE the Globe toward the $10,000 reward being offered for this animal abuser. Unfortunately, the crime is only a misdemeanor in Minnesota. The long term motive of Ken and Shane is to improve animal protection laws and make sure these sicko abusers are slapped with criminal records.


  1. Whoever did that to that cat should have their penis and tongue glued to the highway!!

  2. what the f**k is wrong with some people, just beyond belief that someone has so much wiring wrong in their so-called brain.

    i hate reading things like this, i use to donate and get the animal shelter newsletters, but in the end i had to say don’t send them anymore, i found the animal cruelty stories to upsetting.

    why stop at gluing this culprits bits to the motorway, how about glueing their mouth shut and breaking every bone in their body, with them hooked up to a drip to have a very long drawn out and painful death.

  3. Now something different and what those of us come here for….

    the brad and angelina split – currently circulating on the net. like we didn’t see that one coming *cough*, anyway rumours been floating about this impeding split a lot lately. specially as he’s been getting it elsewhere.

    That’s what you get for playing with person already involved (in this case married) with someone else. Although I’m sure Angie got bored with him, she is way to intellectual for laid back post smoking Brad.

    Poor kids, and especially poor gawjus Shiloh having to live with Mum full time, you poor little girl.

    I’m sure Jennifer is having a bitter sweet laugh about it.

    So Janet, fill us in on the true goss xx

  4. Thank you Janet, for bringing stories like this to light, and lauding celebrities who make animal cruelty prevention and punishment their cause. I am never more horrified than when reading stories like this. Poor Timothy – may he rest in peace. Animals put their trust in us and too often that trust is misplaced.

  5. There are SO many horrible animal stories that I created a website in 2008 that is ONLY about happy animal stories.

    There are a lot of sick people in this world who abuse animals. But until the government decides to take animal abuse seriously, then people will keep on hurting animals.

  6. That’s good of them but they are both batshit crazy. He was the hottest thing ever on network tv and he threw it all away, lots of reasons were given and not one made sense. Is he now with only one Barbie or do they still share him?

  7. Angie made it clear all along that fidelity in a relationship was not one of her values. Brad heard it, but obviously didn’t believe it. Once a screw around, always a screw around–both of them.

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