It’s rumored that Kelly Osbourne resents the fact that Kathy Griffin is getting paid so much more than everyone else when she replaces Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. The E! channel is notoriously frugal with its performers and Kelly and the others on the show are probably getting close to union cable minimum. (without a union) E! executives feel that its an honor to be seen on the channel and therefore they don’t have to pay much. Only very special talent like Joel McHale or Joan – and now Kathy – get anywhere NEAR a passable salary. Most performers who make a salary fuss on E! are replaced rather quickly.

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  1. Kelly isn’t suitable to work at Denny’s. She’s untalented, painful to look at, has a horrendous personality, and should not be on TV. If anything she should pay anyone willing to infect our eyes with her presence.

  2. Give me a break. Try getting a normal job like most of us have and living on that wage. I think she is lucky to have any job anywhere near show business. Her personality may be getting her on TV but it has nothing to do with talent. Without the Osbournes’ show years ago she would be nothing but a high school dropout with mom and dad’s millions to play with.

  3. Is that why George Katsiopolous left the show? He wanted more money?

  4. Any $$$ these people get is overpayment!

    The ghetto rappers who cant even spell or use a sentence are getting far more money from this than they are worth…but herpes medicine may be expensive!

  5. Ohbygoshbygolly……she has that pefectly rectangle face shape. On the plus side, this outfit looks better than the ones she usually wears, but a collar on the red blouse would help the face look better.

    Two facts about her are: She did really try on DWTS…..and…..she cannot seem to find a decent man.

  6. So, Kelly, kwityerbitchin’ and be thankful you have a job such as this, which I’m sure is much more than you deserve. Look at salaries of most struggling folk and count your friggin blessings.

  7. The fact that anyone is paying that talentless hack whore Osborne is a miracle.

  8. They hired Chelsea Handler after she ‘dated’ the President.

  9. That’s because all of the money is going to the trashy Kardashians who are only famous because of Kim’s sex tape. Wake up! They are raking in millions of dollars with fake storylines that people watch under the belief that they are real.

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