Mediocre movies abound in the summer and we’re happy to say that fall is looking up already. We didn’t have particularly high expectations for Keira Knightley’s “The Duchess” but we were blown away by the combination of gorgeous visuals and a perfectly engrossing story. The costumes are fabulous – comparable to “Marie Antoinette” – and the glorious castles and verdant gardens are amazing. The plot is appropriately 18th century, but with a modern edge. Keira is perfectly cast as the glamorous Duchess, as is Ralph Fiennes as her dominating husband. See it, you’ll like it!

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  3. @ 8:39 AM, (Anonymous)…. This is from someone who does not care one way or the other of the fact that Janet says “WE”.
    My observation is that it is 1 of 2 :
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