Victoria and David Beckham never disappoint us. Despite their personal problems, they remain style icons – the best dressed, coolest looking couple in the universe! They’re stylishly rumpled and low key so they don’t look like they’re trying too hard. We never get tired of looking at these two.

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  1. I love Victoria Beckham, yeah yeah she’s too skinny this, bones protruding that. But the woman’s got an awesome sense of humor and GOD, WILL YOU LOOK AT HER CLOTHES???

  2. These two are not celebities over here.
    Victoria Beckham’s face looks like a shruken head.

  3. mt god the woman needs a FEEDING TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Style icons? Hahahaha… hilarious fashion victims is more like it. No class at all.

  5. Posh used to be so gorgeous. God, I hope that she gets some food soon. She looks like one of those bobblehead dolls.

  6. You were praising them to get comments on here, right? Because that woman looks hideous. Never could stand those ridiculous, talentless Spice Farts, anyway.

  7. I seriously doubt that if she were to view this picture she would finally see what we see–an under nourished woman.
    Yikes! She does look really terrible here. The sad thing is that she probably loves the way she looks.

  8. They look like slobs in this picture. I guess if that’s the “look” they’re going for, they were successful. I think the Spice Girls were a joke. Who listened to their music? I couldn’t name one song they sang. And this girl looks like a poster girl for anorexia. Sad that she is held up as an image to strive for. No wonder our young girls are growing up with body image problems. Very sad.

  9. how long till he leaves her for a woman NOT obsessed with plastic surgery and who weighs more than 80lbs? she is starting to look scary. she’s still very young and if she had left herself alone and not dieted down to extremes she’s probably still be beautiful.

  10. Her face has a monkey or ape look about it. She’s ugly. And way too thin.

  11. Even when she had more weight to her frame she was still ugly. Now she just looks disgusting, trashy and even dirty.

  12. I am sorry, but David and Victoria are the strongest celeb couple around! They are classy, and work very hard for what they have got, an insperation to young and old couples around the world! They both have amazing sence of fashion, Victoria being an absolute style icon! and David the same! I have never seen a bad picture of Victoria falling out of a car drunk, or a headline saying about the children being left in the background! They are both genuin people, whom work extremlly hard for what they get, and i wish them all the best, and i feel you should be to, not knocking them, what have they actually done wrong!?

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