Whenever we ran into Kato Kaelin through the years, we couldn’t help thinking “You could have been a HERO!” After the OJ Simpson trial we made a point of telling him that, but since then we only think it. He’s a likeable guy but proved himself to be a COWARD when he avoided saying anything during the trial that might make OJ look guilty. For a long time after the trial, he was despised by people appalled by the injustice to Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and fact that smirking murderer OJ was set free. Apparently Kato was scared stiff of telling the whole truth – but if he HAD, he would have been celebrated for the rest of his life for getting a vicious murderer locked up. Kato’s future might have been very different. Last we heard, Kato had an online sports show at FilmOn.com. Meanwhile, we’re curious to find out where Cindy Adams got that quote from Kato in her column today declaring OJ guilty – Kato denies all.


  1. Bad mother Kim Kardashian should tell the truth too.. Kato would be dead now, perhaps if he had said one wrong thing and he knew it..

  2. Although some may say he should have talked, I’d hate to be in his shoes, which would have been made of cement. However, by not having exposed the truth, makes him just as bad & should be occupying a cell next to OJ. It’s a bad situation from every angle.

  3. Kato testified about the thud he heard on the wall of his cottage; he was not present at the murder, not too sure what he could have said to have turned the verdict. The fix was in for OJ; those jurors were playing a payback game.

  4. True, BLACK jurors were not going to find OJ guilty, just like they are not going to vote against Obama, no matter what.

    T/Tom/Tommy can likely add a lot to this thread.

  5. Good grief!!!!!!!!!! Have you been drinking?

    Kato Kaelin would never never never ever ever ever be a hero in that case. There were no heroes in that case. There were clever attorney’s, scared jurors and terrified character witnesses but no one emerged as a hero. People were afraid there would be riots.

    I don’t know 100% that OJ did it. I wasn’t there. However, the evidence that was presented publicly made me think that he did it. I also think that he liked the idea that people suspected him of doing it and he got out of it. I think it had to be a ego trip. Perhaps, that is why he felt fearless enough in Las Vegas to commit kidnapping and armed robbery with his buddies. ???

  6. “After the OJ Simpson trial we made a point of telling him that, but since then we only think it.”

    oh i bet Kato really cares what you think…

    This topic is the worst kind of self aggrandizing, self promotion, and just plain reckless supposition.

    At best, it is pure speculation disguised as reasoning. Gossip and conjecture is just worthless.

    Prove it, and then call the cops or just shut up. Weak and lazy journalism. How very Khardashian of you.

    btw, I am not a OJ supporter, not at all, but i believe in a fair and balanced media.

  7. you won’t find that here, it’s a cesspool of racist homophobes and religious retards. yup ..

  8. Kato was interviewed by phone on TMZ Live today & said he’s going to sue Adams & the Post for this.
    Let’s see if he actually goes through with this, after all, he’s a coward!

  9. He has no money to sue, just get a load of that lousy haircut without any product. He’s broke.

  10. It was one of those ‘defining moments’ in one’s life, as Oprah would say. He had a chance to be honest, and he didn’t, and it completely defined the rest of his life. It’s true, if he had felt the fear and told the truth anyway, many people’s lives would’ve taken different paths.

  11. Always want to know the truth about blacks but never there own. Why can’t tell the truth about the world war 1, 2,, England giving Palestine to Iseral, USa, giving trillions to iseral and they don’t have to pay back a thing but the other countries have to pay back even europeans. Where is the truth that the constant killing of children and women in the middle east is for oil pipes to be placed in Iseral. Where is the truth that the world trade center was inside job because the building came down in demolition style not a plane knocking it down not straight coming down. Where is the truth that the united states is one creating terrorism around the world not the other way around.

    So once journalist, media, jc, can answer that they can maybe start prying who, what, and why killed Nicole.

  12. Oh really Cindy Adams saying kato said he killed Nicole? Why don’t someone ask her if her husband killed himself because he was tired of looking at that helmet hair of hers.

  13. Read OJ’s book, “If I Did It” and then tell me what you think about his guilt/innocence. In my view, it was a confession from someone who won’t take responsibility for what he did. He also blames his ex-wife for his actions and wants you to feel sorry for him.

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