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We’re starting to think that Katie Holmes Cruise and Victoria Beckham don’t have so much in common. Look how the girlfriends dressed for lunch at the Ivy: Katie acknowledges that it’s winter, and wears a turtleneck, a warm coat, and pants – she looks like she’s ready to watch a soccer game. Victoria, on the other hand, looks like she’s going to a garden party – she’s wearing a sleeveless white ruffled summery dress and NO jacket! These two are not on the same wavelength!

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  1. tell me what you think! i thinks our little posh spice is gross

  2. Tommy Grrrrrl won’t let Katie, er, um, Kate, dress like a girl anymore. He likes his women to look like men and he likes his men flat on their backs waving their legs in the air like they just don’t care.
    Plus, he’s having Katie, I mean Kate, get close to Posh so he can get close to Becks.
    I mean, what self-respecting gay man, I mean, in this case, self-loathing closeted homosexual like Miss Cruise, wouldn’t want to get close to Becks?
    The line forms behind me!

  3. I wish Posh would eat something. She is too thin and it makes her look older than her years being so gaunt. Katie is a freak. Total Stepford wife content to shop and be papmered and controlled by Mr. Martain. Poor Tom has such Daddy issues!

  4. Is Poshy’s dress stylings always this tragic?
    Sheesh…the aliens have arrived.

  5. Posh is just enjoying the change in weather since it’s so cold and damp in the UK now. Everyone in LA wears a parka if it dips below 60 degrees anyway, it’s so stupid.

  6. Why are people still talking about that sad old spice girl? The only thing she has going for her is her husband. Poor Katie, I am sorry you married that little man, you seem like a sweet girl.

  7. I just don’t get it.
    I just don’t get it.
    It doesnt seem like katie invited any of her normal friends to her wedding.
    I think that the people at her wedding were the most weird, retarded combination of poser celebs. It was painful to watch. In all of his years in hollyweird, tom didn’t have any friends to invite??
    I hope Katie has some normal friends. What in the world is the big deal about posh? Where is baby spice? and what happened to scary spice and what was supposed to be eddie murphys baby? who gives a crap already.

  8. Posh is porky nose and skeleton body with her sickmind…
    Kate pic your friends better!

  9. I did notice this combination (clothes) of these two when I saw a previous pic…Posh is NOT GOODLOOKING but her husband is! and Katy is keeping her chin up and will stick it out with Tiny Tim until she has a nervous collaspe or complete breakdown which is somewhere down the road and get his tons of $$$$ when the time comes.

  10. Where are their kids? Shouldn’t somebody on here complain that they aren’t taking the kids with them to dinner?
    Nobody ever complains about Beckham kid sightings. They probably look like the mom. Yuck.

  11. Janet, who are you to criticize anybody’s dress habits? Have you looked at yourself? You look like a train wreck!!

  12. Janet’s fine, shut up this is about the two girls. Katie is a sweetie but this Posh Spice chick is weird. her face always looks like she’s had a hard night. Anyway, Tom and Kate are trying to convert these two new found “friends”..duh..

  13. Her face does not look hard. I bet some ugly fat person posted that. She’s thin and beautiful just accept it.

  14. i think that it would be funny to see a picture of posh the spice girl next to a current pic. she does have a miss piggy nose. anorexia doesnt make ya pretty.
    whatever happened to sporty spice? she was one of the uglier girls.
    maybe once she settles down in la, she can release a new album….maybe she can do a duet with whitney houston hahahahaha i dont know what the hell it would be called.

  15. another blog showed pictures of these two at an armani store.
    there was speculation that katie had a nose job. i dont think that katie had anything done, but her nose does look smaller next to posh’s oinker.

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