Kathy Griffin’s house in the Hollywood Hills has been on the market for awhile, and it finally sold for four and a half million dollars, according to the LA Times. Is she downsizing? Not yet. Kathy bought her current 13,400 sq ft Bel Air mansion last year (before the Trump photo debacle) for nearly 11 million dollars. Yes, this is the house where she has a restraining order against her volatile neighbor. Whether she can afford to KEEP the big house remains to be seen. She’s handling her “blackballing” by badmouthing Andy Cohen and TMZ’s Harvey Levin, yet she wants to remain a friend to the LGBT community. Actually, her gay fans are the core of her success as a comic, and we predict they WILL help her make a comeback. But whether her comeback is enough to support an 11 million dollar house remains to be seen.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
(Above, Kathy in May – happier times)


  1. This disgusting pig should just go away. Permanently. She is a vile, unfunny woman.

    She can dish it out but can”t take it. Loser.i

  2. Griffin was too easy on President Pervert. She should have pretended to cut off his penis too. (Or would have it been too small for TV viewers to see.)

  3. “Kathy bought her current 13,400 sq ft Bel Air mansion last year (before the Trump photo debacle)…”

    Every aspect of her life now turns on that key phrase; she has admitted that she doesn’t have a single job lined up, post-Australia. 🙁 The clock ticks–and surely Randy’s income (as an Assistant Manager at Staples in Culver City) won’t make a dent in her mortgage.

    Kathy badly misread her “public” with her ill-advised stunt, and now she’s paying for it.

    Lastly, MOTHER OF GOD–what has she done to her tortured face, NOW??!!

  4. I’m on TEAM GRIFFIN! Her misogynist neighbor is a HORRIBLE person. It’s sad that she has to move, but in the long run she should be nowhere near that B***TARD.

    She’s very funny, and just went too far with Trump. She learned her lesson.

  5. Hi, “Team Griffin” (literally 😉 )!

    We’re disinterested–with no stakes in this situation–but we can’t help but note how current events seem to be a consequence of Kathy’s KARMA, now come due: her REPREHENSIBLE treatment of her ex-husband Matt; the ugly accusations surrounding Kathy’s behavior and subsequent bust-up with “her gays” (the guys she stiffed during her reality show); and now Levin, et al. …

    Might there be a “GoFundMe” in sweet Kath’s future?

  6. Giuliana my friend,
    It always sounded to me like Matt was stealing from Kathy. There were probably other power issues going on. They got a divorce. But we will never, ever know what really went on in that marriage.

    Kathy’s horrible next door neighbor treated her REPREHENSIBLY. It’s best that she finally got out and moved on.

    Like many, she detests Trump. She made a mistake with her severed head routine.

    She has tons of money. There’ll be a comeback. Hopefully she’ll refine her humor.


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