Kate Middleton dolls (right) are flooding the UK before the royal wedding, and this version can be had for less than $50. It might be a good investment – Princess Diana dolls are selling for up to $600 now. So far the Kate dolls are casually dressed but after a few big events we’ll see gowns and tiaras.


  1. In the back of me mind, seems I remember another famous blue dress…..oh yeah, now I remember, it was owned by fat Monica Lewinsky.

  2. Hey Indy, They should have made a doll of Lewinsky with a famous stain on it. In fact, it would have been funny if the Lewinsky doll’s entire wardrobe was stained. The doll would come with funky hats, wide ugly shoes and a tiny box of cuban cigars. lol

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT IDEA!!! Walt, you old buzzaed you, and Indy, that’s the best idea you’ve had!

    As for these two “dolls”…can’t exactly say they ARE…dolls that is. Yuuuglee! I would so SUE if I were her! Talk about making her look like a bobble-head anorexic!

  4. The cigar was bought in Vancouver. Can’t get cubans in the states you know.
    What a dirty bastard that president could be.
    Ken and Barbie dolls, meh.
    A smiling Bill with a cigar and happy stained Monica would be fun for the kids.

  5. Why Captain?
    Have you got a Hulkster doll?
    Miss the short bus?

  6. I perceive that we are a wise, yet sometimes ruthless, bunch. LOL

  7. Diana and Monica Lewinsky (never mind that cigar) in the same converation? Who’d a thunk it?

    That Diana doll, by the way, is very scary looking.

  8. Grown women who collect dolls always kind of freak me out

  9. Palermo,

    Well at least these dolls were/are real people.

    Haven’t you seen grown guys collecting Spider Man toys and costumes or dressing up as Star Trek characters???? That scares me shitless lol

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