We are not at ALL surprised to learn that Kanye West is looking to build a new house and dump that architectural monstrosity in Bel Air hat he and Kim have been remodeling for a year. While he was in Paris for months during Kim’s pregnancy, he was introduced to an artistic crowd that values design and function. He learned a LOT about fashion, décor, and architecture, and it became very clear to him that that arty crowd would be horrified by the vulgar faux “Mediterranean” mega-mansion he was spending a fortune to upgrade. So now he and Kim are looking for property where he can build an architecturally significant house, more appropriate for a self described style innovator like himself.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Oh, puhleese….why do you even care about this arsehole…. he has no taste and neither does sheThey don’t now and they will never have. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

  2. They are sooo nouveau riche. No taste but the sad idea that they are style setters. I am glad to hear that his mini-European trek endowed him with such elegant taste and decorating sense. So is he going to burn down the offending mansion?

  3. Who knows what it looks like inside but please…it looks similar to others in the neighborhood. I am sure exclusive neighbors have covenants that have to be followed in building or remodeling.

  4. Will KW eventually feel that way about KK. My he changes his mind awfully quick?

  5. A home is where you create and nurture a family, share love with other family members and friends.

    It doesn’t matter if the outside is garish or doesn’t live up to his French associates, it is what is inside not the outside.

    They should concentrate on that not another ego boosting house.

  6. But he’s not embarrassed that his wife has had so much different BLACK meat in all of her openings? That should be his worry.

  7. If they had any taste they would hire frank gehry to design a home befitting kanyes new taste.

  8. JC is waiting to get the ok and answer from the Kardashian press agent.

  9. Right, like the next one will be the epitome of elegance and grace. Does he know how many people laugh at him?

  10. Sell it and donate the money to the veterans, handicapped, elderly and very poor American families to use.. I DOUBT would ever cross their minds…and the large amount would be a drop in the bucket for all those people in need.. so he won’t feel guilty he couldn’t do this charity project because he is a genius and he never fails.. that offering of so much to very many would indeed fail..

  11. Kanye West EMBARASSED somehow I doubt it. He is with Kim Kardashian after all and had a kid with her and if that didn’t embarrass him nothing will. He just talks to hear himself and he knows that he is stuck in L.A. with Kimmode should he decide to actually marry her. She wouldn’t know what to do in Paris where no one would give to shits about the ugly American that she is. Nope not buy this dope.

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