Aspiring designer Kanye West insinuates himself into all the major shows during Fashion Week in Paris, and he makes the most of it by dressing up and looking important. It’s a bit surprising that the designers still roll out the red carpet for him since he was accused of stealing other designers ideas. In particular, he has been criticized for knocking off Rick Owens creations. (Above he’s at the Martin Margiela show in a cashmere coat.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. That stance is very fem. Jus sayin.

    Wonder what he thinks about his fiancé’s $500k escort fee?

  2. I think Kanye needs to search for some real talent, because he has almost none!

  3. Kanye looks desperate, uncomfortable, and out of his element.

  4. We all know he’s there for Riccardo Tisci. He usually dresses like he is a homeless person, always with the nasty gray t-shirt under everything

  5. He has the same stupid look on his face as does that Smith kid. Almost constipated looking.

  6. His outfit looks good, but he strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t know how to look good in anything that isn’t expensive. Furthermore, he could be presented with the exact same outfit, but if it didn’t have huge price tags, he wouldn’t wear it.

    I think that is why he is having such a hard time building his home: his taste is entirely driven by cost & status. He doesn’t actually have any independent taste, so every time the fashion wind blows he changes his mind.

  7. @Dawn Davenport – its because he’s gay and everyone knows it

  8. The joke is on him as almost every BLACK celebrity has pummeled his “white” fiancé.

  9. hey Strom, speaking of fiance’s, did you ever repair the rip in yours ? latex is bitch to patch eh ?

  10. Poor little Alex,,,,contributing nothing to the thread.

    No doubt, everything that could be done to KK sexually has been done, by a large number of BLACK men.

  11. franny has surfaced and with not a word about the thread.

    This picture of K doesn’t look too important….can he even say a complete sentence?

  12. Why is this idiot ever in search of a brain & morals?

  13. Kanye West has been sued for allegedly stealing the backing track he used for his awful song Bound 2 … the song he specially dedicated to Kim Kardashian.

    Ricky Spicer – the lead singer of ’70s kiddie group Ponderosa Twins Plus One – is the one behind the lawsuit filed in Manhattan, claiming that Kanye ripped samples from off their song Bound, which was recorded back in 1970. Spicer was 12 years old at that time.

    Spicer says neither ‘genius’ Kanye nor anyone from his camp approached him for permission to use his voice in Bound 2, saying he only recently heard the song on the radio and immediately heard his own voice in it.

    Now Spicer is demanding that Kanye stop using the song and pay him an unspecified amount of money in damages.

    Check out both songs below and you’ll quickly notice that Kanye clearly ripped samples from Ponderosa Twins Plus One. Besides, Bound is really a nice song, unlike Kanye’s.

    Kanye has not yet responded to the new lawsuit.


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