Kanye West brought his deadpan wife Kim to Fashion Week in Paris and to make sure she got plenty of attention, he had her bleach her hair platinum blonde (coincidentally like his ex Amber Rose.) She’s been photographed dozens of times there and it’s also apparent that she had something done to her upper lip – probably injections. Of course Kanye dressed her up in those revealing flesh colored mesh clothes he designed with little regard for propriety.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Could her thighs and ass get any wider? I bet from behind Kim looks like the Great Continental Divide.

  2. She always looks drugged to the max, like a mental patient out on a day pass

  3. I guess she likes being controlled – she looks like a mannequin.

  4. I wish I knew the name of her surgeon. Her face looks great……just the face. Not the rest of her, however.

  5. why should black folks always hook up with blondes?

  6. They use the same mesh for cooked ham. This entire clan is beyond stupid & ridiculous.

  7. the dumb bitch is obviously brain dead should be euthanized ASAP

  8. The double-processed platinum hair looks ridiculous, and of course–like in the case of Jean Harlow–it’ll need to be touched up every few DAYS if she doesn’t want visible roots.

  9. palermo i love you!!

    how anyone could stand a needle shoved into their lips is beyond me…..

  10. Interesting that JIGSAW Janet didn’t even mention the botched plastic surgery that makes her look even more cartoonish.

  11. Kim must be getting nail grooming tips from New Jersey mafia wives, and cocaine users.

  12. She is and has long been happy to provide all her body openings to a bevy of BLACK ghetto rappers!

  13. Wonder what that mug is going to look like in 20 or 30 years. It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks!

  14. If anyone were to see an x ray of her or J Lo’s internally they would gasp! It is lots of plastic and very frightening.

  15. Except for the lips, I do agree her face has been done well plastic-surgery wise. Note: I am not talking about her body with the misshapen inflated butt implants, which is ridiculous beyond words. Hate the hair but it’s just her latest phase. Still nothing going on upstairs and yet she has made million$.

  16. She’s made millions but I am always left with the impression that she has no brain as to how to spend or use it….new house, new fridge , new car, new shoes, new …er ….er?

  17. How much physical and public humiliation will she suffer and absurdly clownish presentation will she allow for money and fame? Next is mud, branches and leaves in the hair and on the body.. with bugs crawling over her..? Kanye really hates her huh?

  18. whats wrong with women who go blonde and shouldn’t, they look awful…kim, lindsey lohand , their skin tone is all wrong for blonde and they look all washed out.

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