Little did Kaley Cuoco suspect when she posted a video of herself working out with a mask, that she’d be met by a firestorm of criticism! The Big Bang Theory star innocently captioned her Instagram video “My newest obsession: 20 minutes, a jump rope, and good music” She appears to be jumping in a hotel or private gym. She was immediately bombarded with criticism and sarcasm – people told her working out with a mask was bad for her health (it’s NOT) that she was setting a bad example for kids, etc! She was shocked, but calmly responded “I wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed space around others, and when I’m outside around others – I’m protecting myself and everyone around me.”

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  1. Masks stop corona as much as a chain link fence stops mosquitos. Wearing a mask alone is akin to wearing a condom lying in bed alone.
    Masks are great for hiding non transmitting, arsonist, rioters faces, though!

  2. Actually you are wrong Janet and you should remove your comment about it being safe from your post because it is dangerous.People have actually died because they wore masks exercising. No joke, please do some research and you will see that it is advised not to wear a mask doing any exercising, there have been joggers and mountain climbers and other people who exercised with a mask on who died and who have gotten very ill, these are facts. There are doctors right now actually saying that just wearing a mask in regular time is not good for your health, they are going to court because studies have actually been done on it. This news needs to get out because people are putting masks on babies and who knows how dangerous that is for their health. I worry for them. Look up the facts before you say it’s safe it’s not.

  3. Janet are you being PAID to promote this mask thing or what? I have lung disease and my pulmonologist told me wearing a mask is dangerous for anyone with lung problems and working out in a mask is ridiculous. it lowers your blood oxygen and forces you to breath in too much carbon dioxide. Who died and made you a medical expert???

  4. Promoting the slavery agenda. Stick it up in ur arse, Kaley! U think everyone is that dumb and brainwashed as the elites want us to be?

  5. Well, I guess your readers are Americans?! The rest of the world wonders how Trump ever became president. Above is our answer.

  6. Kaley knows a thing or two about that Hollywood casting couch

  7. COCO make sure you hide in your basement with a mask on when the common cold hits and flu season and measles. scared little rodent.

  8. 200.000 Americans dead from the corona virus and still the trumpturds spew his garbage. Go to hell, after you die from corona, that is. 🙂

  9. Please go to the CDC website, and read the REVISED mortality totals for covid-19 – it was published 9/1/20. According to the CDC, 9210 people actually died of covid as the sole cause of death; the balance of victims suffered from TWO OR MORE serious co-morbidities. The same website also makes it clear that 1)corona is a MILD virus, and 2)masks MAY help slow the spread; it makes no claim that masks stop the virus.
    And, for those who seem to think the U.S. was too lenient in it’s approach to the virus, Sweden implemented no lock down whatsoever and now has the second lowest number of new cases in Europe. Quarantining healthy people makes no sense, but herd immunity always works.
    Also for those who aren’t allergic to the truth, please visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website; WHO stopped categorizing corona as a pandemic in APRIL, when it was downgraded to an outbreak. None of this fits with the current narrative of keeping everyone apart and afraid, so, of course, you won’t hear it reported on CNN.

  10. Sure, pick up your socks. I’ll do that right after my phone call with Herman Cain.

  11. Nice try, pick up your socks. The World Health Organization is still classifying COVID-19 as a pandemic and is reporting 936, 521 COVID deaths. That’s close to a million for innumerate you. Put down your orange koolaid. Actually, check that. Drink away. Humankind’s gene pool will be greatly improved when the trumpturds die off.

  12. Dan, vote for Kamala, she is an inspiration to young women everywhere! They too can sleep with powerfully connected men to rise to the top and then maybe work for dementia impaired old men!
    It’s basically a Cinderella story!

  13. Patrick, did Kamala rape a 13 year old, cheat on her taxes, call service members losers and suckers, or steal from a veteran’s charity? BTW, mailed my ballot in today, Sparky. Blue Wave all the way!

  14. Good for you, Kaley. Where did y’all get your medical degrees? It’s just FINE to work out with a mask on. The rest of you are the problem, not the solution. Idiots.

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