Quite by chance, we happened upon this photo of Justin Timberlake at a Lakers game and the blonde Laker girl who turned him down is sitting right in front of him! He usually sits in the front row and that’s close to where the Laker Girls perch. We don’t know when the photo was taken but we’re assuming it was long before he made a pass at her. It’s especially funny because he seems to be licking his chops!

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  1. Kudos to her! In this day and age of mistresses wanting to be victims and celebrities oozing STD’s it’s refreshing to see there are still gorgeous girls with class and brains. Someone tell Jessica to visit Janet’s blog 🙂

  2. I don’t for a second see why he would screw up his relationship he’s been in for so long over this nobody of a run of the mill blonde, bland everyday girl you can find on any corner of any city. She’s certainly nothing outstanding (other than possibly her morals, if this indeed did happen, which I truly doubt). If he wanted to screw around he could really have the very top of the beauties out there who would fall panting at his feet spread-eagled for the chance to bed him, and he KNOWS it!

  3. Justin Timberlake is that creepy boy next door, who given half a chance would hump your leg.

  4. that pic is so fake look at the light ..his hands , the fuzzy pic of him and guy in front ..she is high def clear …fake fake fake ..

  5. don’t panic: HE WILL CHOOSE A FAGGOT NEXT TIME…..

  6. Yeah, and obviously from this fake picture, he has his arm wrapped around her neck. This story just screams out FAKEEEEEEEEE.

  7. This is a fake picture. In the real picture Justin is sitting in the front row with no one in front of him. I think Olivia said it best. Here’s a link to the real picture if this site will let me post it.

  8. Lol Justin isnt picky on choosing his one night stands and this girl is prettier than Jessica and actually looks feminine and her face doesnt resemble a dog. The picture is REAL getty doesnt shop their pictures


  9. She obviously knows he really doesn’t dig women, if ya know what I mean.

  10. Maybe he was not her type of guy and yes…I think Justin Timberlake is Hot and has a Beautiful little Booty and his body is slamming smoking Hot and Yummy and to give him my number!!! I would not think twice but for this Laker Girl to say No…Main reason she is not into him. But if I was not into him..Stricky for friendship reason would apply.

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