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Justin Bieber is frantic to escape his dopey teen idol popstar image, so he’s trying to get close to young rappers like Lil’ Twist and Lil’ Za and dressing in the same baggy pants they do. Of course, he has to lure them with promises of driving his Ferrari (they’ve both been ticketed while behind the wheel) and appears to get high with them. (Blunts and cough syrup have turned up in photos of the guys together.) Justin wants a cooler hip hop image. The rappers enjoy Justin’s generosity and maybe they access some of his groupies, but are they real friends?


  1. Justin will never be cool..isn’t in his being. Shows money can’t buy everything. Frustrating!

  2. Someone needs to smack the Biebs upside his head. Being stupid is not cool, and will make him lose his fan base.

  3. Justin is a talented kid and was very sweet, but now he is trying waay to hard to shed the teeny-bopper label.

    He would do well to have a talk with Donny Osmond. Donny called it a while back, saying the Biebs would have a rough time as soon as he reached age 18, and so he is.

    Being an axx is never cool and he could wind up in the slammer or worse if he continues down this path.

    Wise up dumb axx!

  4. I can’t blame him for wanting to be a wigger. Hopefully he’ll got shot dead like Tupac.

  5. The Biebs got too famous too rich too fast and at times he appears he can’t handle it. He needs to grow up, learn some manners, quit drugs, and hopefully grow about 6 inches. lol

  6. @Bluejay. Yes, cough syrup with codeine. The kind you get by prescription when you have bronchitis for instance.

  7. lying about your age?
    a black’s man attitude you can’t buy anywhere…..

    white dolly, WHAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  8. What a douche. I hope he is saving his money because it won’t go on forever.

  9. He looks ridiculous. Like a little kid playing dress-up. Drop the wannabe persona, Justin, and maybe you’ll actually BE cool someday.

  10. What a ridiculous little twerp he is. A complete and utter pillock!

  11. The latest disposable product of the corporate music industry. He got lucky. He isn’t really talented or anything special. While millions are starving to death and at war people care about this little loser. He should take the millions he has and retire or donate his money to the poor instead of trying to be “cool’. What a little creep.

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