Who’s the biggest ham in this picture? Canadian Justin Bieber,16, rode his bike onstage at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto and scantily clad Miley Cyrus ,17, was more than ready. The two teens did a little musical “flirting” and both tried to outsing and outmaneuver the other for audience attention. Local favorite Justin got more screams, hands down.


  1. Miley’s skanky girl crotch was the biggest ham of the night. bar none!

  2. Good God has she turned into a total SLUT. She’s only 17 and acts like some jaded old prostitute. gross. Where are her parents?

  3. She’ll show something just after her 18th birthday, bank on it. Remember back when it was just talent we cared about.

  4. Kim Kardashian who can only date blacks has proved it again….Reggie Bush dropped her so she moved to Miles Austin….a family of trash! The black guys could do a lot better with some of the sistas but it just doesnt happen!

  5. Justin Beiber is such a creepy little girl. She tries to act all ghetto and stuff but she really is just a middle class white boy who is already a major diva by all accounts. What will he do when that annoying chipmunk voice of his changes???

  6. this is the last time: WOMEN HAVE NO COCKS!!

  7. Justin is a feminine-looking little diva prick. He is very short which pisses him off mightily. He wants about 4 more inches, and he wants it now.

    Miley needless to say is a slut whore and has been for quite a while. I hope Justin knocks her up. I would laugh and laugh and so would a good part of the universe.

  8. not a fan of Miley and don’t care about the Bieber-bot. It will be interesting to see how they fare over the next 12-18 months, tho…what do you think will happen to either/both of them? Superstardom? Flame out? We shall see…

  9. That boy is going to be a has been soon enough. He has the most forgettable face and bland, run of the mill voice, which will be changing soon anyway. He’s bubble gum, plain and simple and the little girls have made him who he is.

    Miley’s own dad watched while she did a pole dance at one of her “performances” so is it no wonder she shows up in outfits like this with her whole crothc hanging out in front of a little boy? Her goal seems to be to be as skanky as Britney, Gaga, Lindsay, Paris, and their contemporaries. It’s a beautiful goal, don’t you think? Flash your pussy for the world to see and get all the press in the world. They don’t care if it’s bad press as long as it’s press!

  10. I have a deep and abiding feeling that JB’s wee wee is miniscule.

    Pappy and mammy Cyrus do not care if she is acting in this manner. It just means much more money she will bring in to keep them up in the manner which they have grown accustomed to. Their mansion is HUGE and they have seen to it that horse-face Miley thinks she is a HUGE talent. After all, they have to keep her skanky ass in front of the cameras, it matters not if she may have to go back to Mexico to get another abortion; it’s no big deal to these retards.

  11. PS: Another thought regarding Justin: I bet he throws a fit if that hair is not perfectly blown out and combed over toward his face, like a girls hairdos in the 60’s.

    Another thought regarding Miley: She has the voice of a post-menopausal woman….deep and irritating. Also, her top lip goes straight up in the middle in a funny way.

    Yet another thought concerning them: Damn, they can’t sing, no way, Jose. It’s all background and sound manipulations.

  12. There’s an old hag who sits at the end of the bar on a ragged stool. She’s chain sucking on a ciggerette with a long untapped ash and drinking her 9th whiskey of the night. Her raggedy bleached blonde hair is only still half up at this point in the night and is hanging loose and tangled in all directions, but she is oblivious to her looks as she spreads yet even more dark red lipstick on her slash of a mouth as she peers into the magnified mirror in her trembling small pale hand in the dark corner of that seedy bar. Unexpectedly she rises up from her stool and wobbles into the dimly lit hallway, adjusting her black pleather bustier as she goes, hiking it up and spilling her ancient breasts over the top as tho anyone in the place would notice let alone, give a shit. In the hall, she leans, in what she thinks is a still seductive pose, and flashes her crotch wide through the shredded lace of her skirt as the old juke box rattles nearby. She takes a drag and releases it in a smoky purr as she growls, her head lolling down and to the side with the rythem, I’m Miley Cyrus, and I can’t be tamed.”

  13. I despise people who use cheap tactics to get attention instead of using actual talent. Flashing your crotch, claiming bisexuality and acting like a slut isn’t going to make me buy your product if it sucks. If your songs are good you wouldn’t need to stoop to such tawdry tactics. Miley ought to learn to play an instrument, write a decent song and act and then I will respect her.

  14. Kylie, that’s just the way of the world these days. Talent need not apply. Could Paris Hilton have gotten famous back in the 70’s? I don’t think so.

  15. that’s why I feel homesick to the “Glory Days” of michael jackson 83′-89′, folks!!

  16. The over-sexed-hyped-up recent publicity for the tween to maturing teen celebs have made a big mistake and are very unsettling. So now that you are eighteen and can do any immoral act legally, go for it and forget your dignity and personal values? Is that we want to teach our kids?.. Miley and Justin want adult audiences now, forget your keener, ready to adore young fan base? Certainly they are found guilty of duping their audience by revealing immoral traits and willingness to do anything for cash partnered with the perverts and fame for nothing louts recently. La la what a disappointment.. The thrill is gone. Parents don’t want the hassle of being shocked at what they will do next so they are steering their children towards any other honestly composed, and dignified character or manner choice..

  17. Hopefully we are seeing the beginning of the end of Tween culture. It has been around for far too long now, and it is hard to believe it can get any worse before imploding. There is so much wrong with that niche of the entertainment world, not the least of which the pimping of teens and preteens as sexualized product. Sure entertainment is big business, and ethics and social responsibility have never been a big priorities, but the corporate weasels should draw the line at sexually manipulating tweens and teens, and supplying masturbation material to pedophiles and pederasts.

  18. This is the ugliest, scariest photo ever posted on this site.

  19. Uh Miley and Justin..Dot make a good couple in my opinion.Miley is turning into a total slut and that is coming from a 16 year old girl.I used to be mileys fan but all she is is a slut now.She is even flirting with Justin Bieber.Oh My Gosh she must be freekin desperate to be flirting with Justin.Miley you dress like a skank in front of 4-12 year old kids. There are also 40 y/o male pervs in the audience as well.You need to be more mature not just a skank.I didnt know growing uo meant turning into a slut??Wow your really teaching the young kids how to act.I wonder how noah will act when she is 12 years old??Uhh she will probably be a slut by then being around you all the time.Poor fans and Poor Noah.That is all Miley Cyrus’s fault.She is really stupid.Also Miley stop hatin on twilight your just jealous of all the people that like twilight.Your jealous it is more popular than you are.So your trying to lead fans away from twilight but turns out your leading fans away from you!You probably lost loads of your fans for the way you been acting.But Guess What YOU DESERVE IT!

  20. By the way Justin.Mileys not gonna change dating a guy to a boy..No way Justin.Forget about it..It was just a little dinner while miley flirted the whole time.She is a flirt.

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