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Juliette Lewis has been on the road singing with her band for what seems like years, but now she has a new movie out “Kelly & Cal.” She’s doing a lot of interviews and The Daily Beast asked her what the biggest misconceptions about Scientology are and her answer was fascinating. She declared “The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies.” She was referring to Tom Cruise’s stance against anti-depressants and Ritalin. She went on to say that after Tom talked about that, “the press brutalized him” with Scientology criticism and continues to do so. Really. She didn’t try to explain why tabloids and gossip magazines continue to torment Tom. (Above, Juliette in a scene from “Kelly & Cal”- she plays a punk rocker turned housewife.)


  1. She is correct about Big Pharm, but Scientology is nothing more than a sophisticated Tax Dodge.

  2. I liked her in Gilbert Grape but didn’t know she was a $cientolgi$t.

  3. I’d like Tom Cruise to be alone in a room with a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds and hallucinating wildly. Tom would soon change his mind about psychothropic drugs. Schizophrenics off their meds have been known to kill their own mothers because of hallucinations; imagine what they would do to a tiny actor.

  4. Anna: Ha ha, Agree. Agree. Agree. (especially about the ‘tiny actor’)

    And I’d like to make this true statement:

    Scientology will lead you straight into hell. They can downplay it, say it helps you succeed, whatever they want, but the fact is: This is a demonic cult, and as stated above, is the pathway to hell. First, it will take as much money from you as they can. These stupid celebrities that are in it are so unspeakably ignorant. And unless they wake up and realize what Sci really is, they will be shaking hands with Satan when they kick.

  5. I like her as an actor, she’s quirky and talented.

    Lewis could have used the opportunity to discuss how Scientology has enhanced her life rather than espouse paranoid theories regarding big pharm.

  6. shelia c.:

    Are you one of the clueless jerks that think Scientology is great and helpful?

    If so, here is another sentence for you that maybe you should consider, along with my original sentence regading shaking hands with Satan.

    ALSO, followers of Sci will have to live in eternity with L. Ron Hubbard, tiny Tom, Travolta, Alley, etc. and forever and forever lament that they made the ULTIMATE WRONG CHOICE.

  7. so the scientology movement appears to be a stone in your shoe AGAIN.

  8. she plays the same character over and over in movies…the crazy off beat hippie chick.

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