Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Josh Hartnett is another hot guy who tires to make himself look nerdy. Here he is walking out of the Mercer Hotel in New York. He never leaves home without that wool cap pulled down low. Add glasses and scraggly facial hair and you’d never guess he was a big star. Just a few year ago he was dating his high school sweetheart, but as soon as they split up he became a serial modelizer. According to the photographer, outside the hotel he immediately hooked up with a stunning leggy blonde


  1. There must be a shortage of straight guys to date in hollywood.

  2. . he is very shy and it gives him security when he weres is knit hats

  3. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that he likes to cut his own hair and does it horribly and this is an attempt to cover up one of his botch jobs????

  4. You know why he’s wearing such a cap? Because his fucking head and I think his DICK too are FAGGOT-LOVING-BALD!! The FAGGOTS look pretty “clean”, but in fact they are the most dirty persons you can imagine!!

  5. hey gerard your the FAGGOT besides he’s cute and richer than you gerard so go and blow a cat and get a fur ball.

  6. That Gerald guy should be banned for his hateful comments, Janet, can’t you do something?

  7. Janets site has now become the gerard show,,but I guess she doesn’t mind and she agrees with his comments. You know,,, other comments gets censored by her,, but never gerards. How irionic

  8. Janet, ban gerard Vandenberg for his hateful remarks. It’s the right thing to do.

  9. Never heard of the guy… What’s he famous for ?
    You know what I’ve heard about models…. There only interested in one thing, money.
    I guess their trying to score somebody like Howard Stern.

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