Now that his boozing is costing him some money, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, 33, might actually take his current stay in rehab seriously. The sexy Tudors star has a bad habit of getting drunk and disorderly in airports and has been in rehab three times before his recent check-in. He‘s also been the spokesperson for Hugo Boss for since 2006, but now they’ve replaced him with Jared Leto.

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  1. I have no ideal who this person is. Whoever he is I hope he can get his addiction under control and get back to work.

  2. I remember about 5 years ago, the dude played Elvis in a 2-hour TV movie. He did a pretty decent job, although he overacted a tad bit.

  3. He was good as Henry VIII in The Tudors, but the guy has a serious alcohol problem if he’s on his 4th rehab at the age of 33.

    As for Hugo Boss, he had a 5 year run which is pretty good for a celeb endorsement deal. Let’s face it, it’s not like they’re trading up with Jared Leto.

  4. My question is….What took them so long?

    Hopefully this will be the wake up cal he so desperately needs.

  5. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb shit! Anybody who has it all given to them like this guy had and goes ahead and just pisses it all away and shows the audience he just doesn’t give a shit about them enought to stay clean and straight and value what he’s had the opportunity to have that everybody else would LOVE to have, I have NO pity for. Go back into obscurity where you came from and suck on your pity bottle. We don’t give a shit about your poor little me act. You didn’t value what you had enough to keep it, so we don’t give a shit about YOU!

  6. I have always questioned his sexuality. I don’t care if he has a girlfriend. You have to wonder why he abuses himself with drugs or alcohol, unless it is to cover pain of some kind. Coming out can mean the kiss of death to a career so its no wonder it is such a guarded secret.

  7. psssst: REHAB is just the place where they meet & fuck mutual FAGGOT-FRIENDS!!

  8. Nother closet case drowning his sorrow of not having the guts to come out as gay.

  9. He has everything but peace of mind. He needs somebody to take him out in the woods and beat some sense into him. I hope his mother and father are ashamed of the way they treated him as a child.

  10. Will we have to endure another entitled, spoiled brat, shit house disaster, piss tank, coke fiend professing to be bi-polar?

  11. He really was good in The Tutors. Having a predilection for substance abuse is a tough personal weakness to cope with. Wes Bentley turned into a heroin addict after his American Beauty success a decade ago, but finally managed to kick it and is just now making a comeback, winning a role in The Hunger Games. I hope Jonathan eventually manages a similar outcome.

  12. Amazing actor but his career is dead, thanks to Reena Hammer. She slanders his good mother’s name, cheats on him all the time, stalks women he talks to, sold his London home and cell numbers online to the highest bidder, accuses him of beating her up (physical abuse) to be the victim, spreads rumors of him being gay (homosexual). Reena Hammer is the worst form of humanity for taking advantage of a man she met in a Bar to rub elbows with other Celebs on the Red Carpet, mocks his family upbringing being one of poverty, speaks rubbish about him behind his back. Breaking up with insidious Reena Hammer is the best thing JRM can do if he wants a career, otherwise he can work for minimum wage since Reena has tortured his career. As if that is not bad enough, Reena cheats on JRM while he is filming on locations. She deflated his ego, and now she thinks this will make her famous? She needs to stop trying to get a publication for this book/novel/journal/screen-play she wrote about him which includes all the graphic details of the homosexuality, sex, and abusing drugs. If he wants to have a career, it is essential that JRM breaks all ties with her completely.

  13. the level of ignorance and unashamed homophobia here is quite astonishing to me – it is 2011 right?

    Jonny hasn’t lost his job with Hugo his contract ended in 2010 he had a three year contract and did 3 add campaigns for 3 scents this is just make a false story on the back of him seeking help and having the guts to deal with his situation – he’s one of lifes “picked on people for no reason” leave him be

  14. I’m sorry but do you know his history? suck on his pity bottle? I do not think so you have no idea and nor do I what he has been through when he was younger. he has family who may see these comments so I think everyone should watch what we say on these articles. I agree with some of the comment jake made but some of it may be entirely false and we can’t go round throwing about accusations. I agree it may be best if they did break up. he loves her and a lot of people know it. there has been a lot of rumours about it with her cheating. he can do so much better and I agree with that. if she does call him gay then that’s her kettle of fish. so what if he is? personally I don’t think he is. why be in a relationship with someone for nearly six years otherwise? he isn’t denying anything yes he may of played a homosexual brian slade but does that mean ewan mcgregor is also gay? no one is saying anything about him. come on guys he doesn’t need this right now he needs every fans support. those who are going to stamp on what little self esteem he has left I would rather you didn’t comment on something you have no idea about. those who know the least about you always have the most to say. I am not being awful but please get your facts straight before posting them on the Internet for everyone to see. if his family see this imagine how you would feel if this was your brother/son being mocked. to them he is just a normal person who they drink tea with at home.

  15. I have adored him , and his work , since
    ‘The Velvet Goldmine ‘, (my favorite movie). Why drag the guy down, when he’s trying to do the right thing for himself? It’s like a bunch of vultures circling, waiting to pick at the bones. Geez, grow up folks, and have some compassion.

  16. From Russia with love! Jonathan, you’re the best! I love you!

  17. Jake, the story of Reena may or may not be true. “Another vicious celeb seeking Ex” did that & made it look like Reena. I adore Jonathan & find him to be a brilliant actor. No need for harsh things to say. (Just remember people, if it was you they were talking about or your loved one) what would you think.? J~I’ll always be here for you. You know who.

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