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Johnny Depp seems to be inching way from his “Pirates” look and assuming a slightly cowboy flair, judging by this photo from Hollywood Blvd. Johnny presented his Pirates of the Caribbean costar Penelope Cruz with her star on the Walk of Fame. We can’t think of a better way to receive a star.


  1. ……….you’re surprised we still call hin “ZERO”?

  2. Whenever I see a pic of Penelope, I think of how she dated Tom Cruise and that he may have married her……On the PRO side: She was one of the few women he ever dated that did not tower over him. On the CON side: She was a staunch, strong-minded Catholic and he knew he could never talk her into Scientology. So, the rest is history.

    zeus: I’m with you. never liked Johnny.

  3. Well I love Johnny Depp. Absolutely gorgeous and a fabulous actor.

  4. i like JD as well but this franchise he and Tim Burton have going of POTC is insane… we REALLY need ( or want, I have never seen ONE…) ANOTHER movie starring JD as a drunk younger Keith Richards in a pirates costume??
    Perhaps because they are all richer than god from these movies, I am just jealous…. but really….by the hair of my cob…..when is
    enough is enough?

  5. The FIRST pirate movie was a hoot…don’t know about after that, just seem like rehashes to me, how many times can you re-do the same theme anyway? Well, I guess I’m answering my own question….to infinity…

    What I’D like to see is Johnny Depp get a complete makeover, glam, sexy, drop the filthy slimey hats (tho I like hats, just not dirty ones), and ditch the shades and squinty eyed look too. Get the overly 14 year old’s beard look OFF permanently and let’s see his actual FACE for once.
    He came in my shop when he was on @! Jump Street and he was a pretty cute young man then, before this “poser” look. He was a real regular guy and readily posed with my young employee who was a freak for him. Very humble and normal guy. I think his personality is much the same but his LOOK has gone on waaay too long and doesn’t do a THING for him. In fact it’s a detriment to him. In the movie The Tourist, from the trailor, up against Angie Jolie, that just didn’t work, and I might have seen it if he had cleaned up for it and there were a different female lead. He has to realize the one look fits all doesn’t work if you’re an actor.

  6. By the way, LOVE me some Penelope Cruz and her new hubby Javiar Bardem. WHAT a sexy couple. Can’t wait to see them together, and I’ll bet that baby is precious as can be! Hope she doesn’t cut her beautiful long hair either. So many people today don’t grow their own, just tie or paste stupid fake crap into their heads. REAL is SO much better!

  7. And, Johnny introduced himself to the Walk of Shame in The Tourist.

  8. Agree with Bettye… Johnny did made a fool of himself in TT. I just don’t understand why would he even accept that role. AJ can’t act and to be in a movie with her one has to be good – otherwise it’s a guaranteed bomb and a big black spot on a career.
    But still I wouldn’t consider him ‘bad actor’ he def has a niche, and Tim Burton found it.

  9. Penelope is so pretty and seems so down to earth, just love her. I still think Selma Hyack is her real husband though.

    Johnny Depp, wow, what happened to you? Have you thrown away real Art for the cheap Hollywood train? Please stop with this pirate crap already and get back to the interesting roles we loved you for.

  10. I agree about thinking Penelope and Salma = forever love. That would be so HOT if they would ever come out together. That is a tape I’d watch…without a doubt.

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