Johnny Depp is giving Angelina Jolie QUITE an admiring glance in this photo from their movie “The Tourist” – presumably he IS acting. Johnny plays an American visitor in Venice who’s trying to get over a personal tragedy. Angelina is the extraordinary woman who arranges to meet him not-so-accidentally. Naturally, he falls for her charms and she pulls him into her world of danger and adventure. Sounds good to us.

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  1. It’s too bad Jolie is the female lead in this movie because I’d like to see it, but I refuse to contribute to anything with her in it. I can’t stand her after the french kissing of her brother; the wearing of blood vials with her crazy then husband Billy Bob, the rediculous tattoos all over the place, her shunning of her father, her cutting herself with razor blades in order to “feel something”, and oh…that little thing of screwing and stealing another woman’s husband. Yeah, she kinds makes me sick, and her anorexic body is not too attractive either so I’m not buying her as a love interest any more either. She needs to disappear from movies now and just continue to go around buying up children because that’s the only thing she seems to be any good at. We’ll see tho when the kids grow up won’t we?

  2. I have heard her twice with my own little perky ears say that she is and always has been a free spirit. One of the times was 20/20 with Babawa Wawa. Meaning that if she sees a woman, a married man, whatever, she follows her feelings and to hell with what anyone thinks. Brad looks tired and whipped down and none too happy when she chastises him for going off with his friends to drink and let off steam. Non-stop intense world travel with 6 kids, (even tho they fly first class and stay in mansions), will take a toll on the human body and mind after a while. These 2 are like no one the world has ever seen. BTW, I agree with Reta about buying kids from everywhere and dragging them all over the world with no set school instruction.

  3. Uh hu, that all being said, she does look fabulous in the photo.

  4. Actually, Johnny looks like he’s thinking of what to have for lunch.

  5. an american ASSHOLE in Italy?

  6. Angie is a vampire who sucks the life out of people then leaves them in the dust when she’s bored. Look at Brad, he used to be hot now he looks like ass and appears to have aged 15 years. He looks OLD and worn out. If Johnny has two working brain cells he will keep it in his pants.

  7. He has to be acting and I say that for 2 reasons. One is that little bellboy looking dude helping her out of the boat. I am sure it’s part of a scene and 2nd, there has been waaaaaaaay too much gossip on the gossip sites about how the love of my life (Johnny Depp) can’t stand Jolie and vice versa. He would never cheat on me with her anyway lol!

  8. Angie must have the stamina of Mighty Mouse, Superman, and all other action heroes in order to travel the world, fool with 6 kids, keep Brad happy,fly her own plane, learn movie lines, make the damn movie, yet looks fresh as a daisy most of the time. Yet, in many pictures she looks skinny and undernourished. It’s obvious though that this non-stop lifestyle is catching up to the now old-looking Brad, as I have heard that he is basically lazy and showers seldom. Maybe Satan is the force that keeps her going. With her odd past, such as cutting herself, low morals, frenching her brother, wearing BillyBob’s blood in a vial, owning up to doing drugs in the past, truth be told, she is a total mystery woman to Brad and her family.

  9. She has a whale of a jawbone, like the jawbone of an ass.
    And maybe Johnny is wondering if she is a
    ‘pushover’, as I think that’s the term used in high school. rotflmao

  10. Yes, this IS a still from their movie, this is a costume she is wearing. I have seen this same boat however with Brad and the oldest kid and Brad’s parents on it, so I think it may be Brad’s boat, maybe they just used it for the film.
    Johnny Depp is not known to fool around on his woman and he’s a pretty decent guy. I think if Angie stripped down butt naked and jumped in his lap he’d just stand up and dump her nasty ass to the floor with the rest of the dirt where she belongs.
    It must really piss her off that she can’t snap her fingers to ALL men and get the same results. She should have stuck with her brother, after all he DOES look just like her and that way she could make love to herself all day long which is what she apparently really wants to do. I’ve never seen such a vain female as this whore.

  11. No matter what you think of her, she still a smoking piece of ass.

  12. REALLY Lenny??? You mean naked without the costumes, hair and makeup? And with her bony arms and legs and tattoos everywhere and knowing what you know about her, you still think you could actually climb on top of her and have a rocket to shoot off? I doubt that, I really do. And if you DO find that underfed tattooed brother-lovin whore “a smokin piece of ass” as you so poetically put it, well then I must say, you need to get out a bit more and meet some REAL women who have their own breasts and don’t screw their brothers or slice their wrists just to check if they’re still alive, or play vampire by wearing vials of blood on a chain. Yeah, she’s s sexy beast all right, and you’d be a lucky to to get her,just make sure you have a new RX for Valtrex because she’s BOUND to have at least one disease to leave you for a souveneer.

  13. Reta, there’s alot of things about Angelina not to like and I get that but her looks aren’t one of them.

  14. Multiply all the millions they give to charities by 100, and it will not buy Brangelina one inch of real estate in heaven. They are unrepentant sinners, as are we all sinners, subject to eternal damnation unless we repent and ask forgiveness from the Saviour. Not only that, they are buddhists, which they have both stated. Besides that, Brad has publicly said (on E.T.) that they would never marry unless all 50 states gave the OK for gays and lesbians to marry. These two are living it up now, but there will come a time of weeping and gnashing of teeth. I don’t care who disagrees with this, I could care less, except to feel sorry for your unbelief.

  15. Deep the only costar Angelina has not been able to seduce and make him leave his wife/girlfriend for her. That must really piss her off!

  16. Hey spinner: I have never met the illustrious Lenny…but I’m sure if I did he’d at least be able to SPELL my name right! What GRADE are you in…FIRST????

  17. Janet that’s not ‘look of love’, that is a look of a constipated man.

    Like him or not, Johnny can ACT. Love or hate Angelina, she cannot act. Johnny looks like he is thinking ‘what a twat’ 🙂

  18. Yes Meg the Jolie can’t act that’s why she’s awarded the Golden Globe and the Oscar. Her performance in the Changeling was bone chilling and Clint Eastwood doesn’t work with no-talent women he’s too hardcore and old Hollywood for that.

    I don’t think women know how to process her. She’s not your usual, average woman. She’s a sexy tomboy who’s capable of producing strong sometimes super hateful or lustful emotions from this blog’s commenters.

    I love the Jolie and Johnny has always been one of may favorite actors because of his interesting choice of roles. I can’t wait to watch this movie.

  19. Just remember what pappy Jon Voight said about her. He’s not a liar.

  20. I find her interesting, intriguing, mysterious, gorgeous, frustrating, and I’d rather watch a movie with her in it than one with most actors on screen today. Johnny Depp, while normally gorgeous as well, looks beat and tired in this photo. I hope he looks better on screen when this sucker comes out. Cause I think I’d like to go see it.

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