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We didn’t know “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh, 65, was a polo player. Above, he’s appearing at the Miami Beach Polo World Cup. Back in 1981 when Walsh’s son Adam was kidnapped in Sears and killed, he was a partner in a hotel management company in Florida. Walsh became an activist for missing and exploited children and started hosting “America’s Most Wanted” in 1988. It’s Fox’s longest running TV series and it has nabbed over a thousand criminals. Walsh has no patience with child predators. He was criticized when he advised women to never have a male babysitter. He said “It’s about minimizing the risks. What dog is more likely to bite and hurt you? A doberman, not a poodle.”



  1. Wonder what John’s take on the pervert Michael Jackson is? Too bad MJ took the easy way out and od’d…setting his family up for life instead of being strung up by his horny little balls in public for child molestation!

  2. He should stick to facilitating criminal apprehension and idle rich sports because losing a child doesn’t make him a sociological expert. WHO was ‘babysitting’ HIS child when he was abducted? Oh yeah, a woman – his wife.

  3. He’s right. No man becomes a babysitter unless there is something wrong with him. Perverts dream job. Single mothers should NEVER allow a boyfriend around their kids without supervision, pervs target single mothers as easy prey because there’s no husband to provide protection.

  4. I believe Walsh is a good & sincere man. What a nightmare for he and his wife. He’s done an amazing job on America’s Most Wanted. He has a great speaking & narrative voice.

  5. This man lived every parent’s nightmare and somehow managed to pick himself up and do something productive and socially responsible with his life. His show has resulted in the arrests of hundreds, if not more.

  6. Is John still married to his wife? Does he have any other kids?
    Michael Jackson didn’t kill and kids
    Why would the father of the accuser committed sucicide? Why havent the media swarm the accusers house to get a comment, question on the father’s death or michael jackson’s death? What is that boy doing? What did he do with the money. How is he living after all the hoopla. I am sure he’s grown up by now.

  7. I really like him. As sad as it was what happened to his child, he really made sure that Adam’s death wasn’t in vain. And I find him to be totally sincere in his efforts. His son must be proud!

    (unlike Marc klauss. remember how initally it was the Marc Klauss foundation? I don’t like that guy at all. he gives off a bad vibe)

  8. Losing a child has GOT to be the worst pain there is. What HIS child suffered was worse than death, being raped and beheaded. John’s marraige finally failed. They just couldn’t get past the unbearable pain and it tore them apart. he finally remarried and did have more children. My heart really goes out to the parents of these murdered children. It seems that if you watch the news it happens daily, children go missing and are found murdered, raped, mutilated, or never found at all.
    I can’t understand a person who can hurt a child, and think they should just take they out and put a bullet thru their forehead the minute they are convicted.

  9. John plays many charity polo matches, as do other celebrities. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him in person and he’s one of the most decent human beings I’ve encountered. he did more than rise above his tragedies and he’s very sincere about his fight against child predators. he’s about as far from “idle rich” as one can get (and still be wealthy).

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