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John Legend knows how to keep his knockout girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen happy. Take her shopping on Robertson Blvd! Chrissy got happier as the shopping bags multiplied. She’s the Thai-Norwegian model who caused a stir among John’s fans. But they’ve been together over a year now and a side benefit is the fact that no one’s implying that Legend is gay any more. (He does have an affinity for ascots.)

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  1. Does she have something against eating? What is it with these women who starve themselves to look line concentration camp prisoners?

  2. He could be gay. I wouldn’t want to screw that skeletal looking skank.

  3. I couldn’t care less about his ‘private life’…his music is wonderful and am looking forward to his newest CD.

  4. Janet, it is well known that Legend is a homosexual. He just adopted a child with his lover Jake Gyllenhaal.

  5. As long as he pays for the bills and NO questions asks, SHE’S HIS GIRL, all right!!

  6. Do I see white below that mini-skirt? Ah, nothing like the look of love, TRUE love, right?
    Her flatness of chest rivals Kelly Ripa’s.

  7. she is stunning.
    a decision to goad people to come out, IMO.
    usually when men with high profiles choose their beards, they are frumpy looking women who don’t make sense
    (Hugh Jackman)
    I feel compassion for people who can’t come out of the closet.. it must be a hard way to live their life.

  8. She’s beautiful. All you haters wished that could be you or that she’s your girlfriend.

  9. Skinny beard… John Boi is known for his distaste of women but he pays
    models to pretend to be his girlfriend… he and Ne Yo need to come out of the closet already!

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