It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything about Jocelyn Wildenstein – so we feel obligated to report that the always intriguing “cat woman” has been spending time in Los Angeles- and spending money too. She and her little dog Simba have been hitting the high end decorating shops by day and she’s has been seen at upscale restaurants by night. Note: she was seen leaving Mr Chow with a male companion. Her west coast hairdresser Jose Eber has tamed her frizzy locks and given her cascades of blond hair. A purveyor of fine artifacts found Jocelyn to be “unexpectedly charming” and described her as “a smart and tasteful shopper who speaks six languages.” Jocelyn has no aversion to mirrors – she looked in every large mirror in one shop she visited. She reportedly purchased several expensive pieces of furniture and art in LA and had it shipped to her Trump Tower apartment.



  1. You should have posted a close-up of her face. It would scare small children.

  2. just because the woman has serious mental problems does not mean she is stupid or uninteresting.
    wildenstien did the talk show circuit following the heels of her seperation from her husband.
    wildenstien was on the view (as a guest) back then and all the gals ( excluding joy) were careful choosing their words when the subject rolled around to plastic surgery.
    everyone must know babs’ face is pulled to within an inch of her life.

  3. Well, since she’s the only one who has to be happy with her face, it’s good that she’s enjoying life.

  4. As frightening as she looks, I’ve read that she really is very nice and extremely charming.
    She seems to suffer from some type of dismorphic disorder with regard to her face and has had countless plastic surgeries in order to make herself look more like a cat.
    Supposedly, her interest in plastic surgery began when her husband began cheating on her with a younger women. It just escalated from there.

  5. What’s left to pull up or snip? Doctors will have to find someplace to disfigure. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they are sane and healthy.

  6. I though vast amounts of money could buy beauty. Obviously, rumors of face transplanting on really rich old people to look young, are just tales.

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