Could NOT take our eyes off of Joaquin Phoenix when he walked onstage at The Golden Globes. He was last year’s Best Actor winner for Joker, so his was an important appearance as a presenter. Phoenix sauntered onstage smirking, clad in sneakers, jeans, and a black hoody. They only thing that separated him from looking like a robber at a 7-Eleven was a skinny black tie. (Being ONSTAGE is not the same as on video at home) The Golden Globes show has strict fashion rules for everyone involved – even for the PRESS, who usually stand outside in front of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and are not on camera. It’s black tie for men (tuxedos) and evening dresses for women or you are sent home. Yes, Joaquin had a black tie, but would a woman have gotten away with this outfit onstage? We remember a few years ago when a gown-clad woman was BANNED from a red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for not wearing HIGH HEELS! IF the pandemic has actually softened fashion rules, designers will be devastated…

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  1. Hollywood has proven itself to be a pathetic bastion of immorality, degeneracy, hypocrisy and irrelevance. take your virtue signaling and stuff it. The Golden Globes tanked in the ratings for a reason. We no longer care about any of you. Millions of Americans are tuning you frauds out. Enjoy!

    Cut the cord 2021!

  2. People have truly suffered this past year. Businesses have closed, people have lost jobs, family and friends have died. This is not the year anyone wanted to watch wealthy, entitled people congratulate themselves on earning millions by reciting someone else’s words. Listening to them try to relate by talking about being imprisoned in a $28 million dollar home or describing this pandemic as “oddly beautiful” has caused many to see celebrities for who they are – people concerned only with having wealth and power and flaunting it at the worst possible time.

  3. Janet’s hitting the boxed wine again and expressing her rage against men.

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