If you haven’t seen this video of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Handsome Men’s Club” – don’t miss it. Our handsome colleague, Stephen Saban at The WOW Report, brought it to our attention and we love it. It’s fun to see just WHO the handsome and famous “members” are.


  1. is jimmy kimmel a “DIE-HARD-FAGGOT”, folks?

  2. Nobody does porody as well as Jimmy Kimmel! I watch him every night and think his show is the best of ALL the late night shows. Love his monologues and these special little things he pulls off which are always dead on great!!! He wouldn’t get so many great talented stars involved if he were’nt top notch!

  3. JK looks way better than the rest of the late night rats, especially ConanHead and the Chin.

  4. Kimmel, the schlub, may look better than Conan and Leno but he can’t touch Craig Ferguson. Craig has incredible sex appeal. He’s our only sexy late night guy.

  5. Casonia Logenberry..Kitchen Nightmare Client take advantage of Chef Gordon Good Deads and are full of Fraud and at times! I think he should just walk off and leave them to take care themselves,.Because they are taking advantage of his good deeds. says:

    Beauty come in all shapes and forms and Handsome looking men come in all colors and shapes and that is what makes the world go around.

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