We’re starting to wonder if Jessica Simpson is doing some serious holiday cheating on her diet because she’s following all the rules that magazines recommend for making oneself appear slimmer. She’s in New York wearing layers of black, a huge handbag, high heels, and gigantic hair. And she looks awfully happy. Pumpkin pie’s got a grip on her.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. What?! She looks amazing I can’t believe your trying to ale fun of her weight!

  2. When would you EVER write this kind of SEXIST BS about a man? Brad Pitt looks very happy he must have had some pie today. When put in this context one can see how revolting and sexist this type of garbage “reporting” is!

  3. Exactly Marsha!! We are to then deduce that all thin people are unhappy because they aren’t chomping down pie. Janet is envious of Jessica’s natural beauty. Why else is she SO obsessed with what this woman looks like? It’s annoying. There’s truly fat men all over Hollywood. Wanna give them some Hell? And Jessica isn’t fat. She’s a healthy woman.

  4. ITA with all of the above comments. Why is it necessary for some women to knock other women down when it is obvious the focus of their negativity is a happy, successful, beautiful woman. Sure smacks of jealousy. Janet there are plenty of fat male slobs in Tinseltown that would be more appropriate targets than the object of your jealousy.

  5. I agree with you all. Shame on you, Janet, or whomever wrote this crap. Jessica is a healthy, natural looking woman, not a stick figure with a head. Leave her alone. She struggles with her weight as it is, and she doesn’t need YOU to make it harder for her to look like someone YOU would approve of. Shame on you!

  6. She looks marvelous and happy. As I have previously said, not all people are meant to be a size 0. She always carries a big bag(she sells them you know) seems very fond of big hair so get off her case. I don’t understand why you are so cruel towards her.

  7. She’s rich and doesn’t need to diet and starve for money.. For shame. That whole brag that you are super fit and slim really as fast as possible after giving birth has become so silly people are actually having surgery, lippo, eliminating healthy diets and not actually centered as good moms enjoying their new child..

  8. I think she wants to be thinner so her baby daddy boyfriend won’t leave her, as he does have a bad rep, having a roving eye. I’ve heard she is a good mother, but doesn’t she want a ring and license? In the meantime, her lover still lives off her many million$. Guess he would miss that lifestyle whether she is fat or thin?

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