It’s a rare day when Jerry Seinfeld wears a suit and leather shoes instead of sneakers. It just shows how determined he is about promoting his new series “The Marriage Ref” and making it a success. Are we crazy, or does he resemble Matt Lauer when he’s dressed up?


  1. They both have receding hairlines…..Matt is losing more and is frantic about it.

  2. after the way NBC advertised that show during the Olympics, the last thing I want to do is actually sit and watch it. and Jerry is pissing me off, the way he backed Jay Leno over Conan – just so NBC would give him a prime slot for this show. It all smells bad…boooooo…..

  3. I would rather watch a commercial for Toyota than “The Marrige Ref”. There is no way this show will make it long term.

  4. I guess Jerry resembles Matt if his wife gave him a beating lately.

  5. The show isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think the concept is interesting, but I’m not sure I like the way the “ref” part of it works. I think it would be better to have, along with the news research person, a psychologist or other specialist, who can shed a little more light on resolving conflict in a marriage. But then maybe that would take too much away from the comedic part of the show. Anyway, I’ll keep watching.

  6. p.s. he definitely needs to get rid of that perv, Marv Albert, from the show. What was he thinking? Was this the only sportscaster available? Ugh.

  7. this show sucks… honest it is so bad and phony. Don’t waste your time. The only people who will like it are those easily amused and hicks from middle America.

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