Seems like EVERYBODY in LA is in SHOCK about the sudden engagement of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. Yep, it’s a big surprise, but when you stop to think about it – it works! He IS older – Rupert is 84 and Jerry is 59. He’s been married 4 times and Jerry has NEVER been married. (She was with Mick Jagger for 23 years, but they never married.) Rupert is a billionaire, but Jerry is estimated to be worth 15 million herself. They started seeing each other over the summer and made their first public appearance together in October. And they seem to be having FUN! (FYI: Murdoch was the best boss we ever had – when it came to company benefits, and don’t forget – he loves tabloids!) We approve of this match!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Hope they make each other happy.

    She was so gorgeous when she was modeling. In fact, she still looked amazing throughout her 40’s. She’s still a pretty woman.

    The dress is glamorous and well suited. Everything would be perfect if she shorten & layered the hair and toned down the color two shades. Of course, I am sure it difficult for her to have her hair cut since it was part of her signature look for so many years.

  2. He is a monster. His conservative agenda and his means to brainwash the ignorant masses–FoxNews– are destroying the US.

  3. She must be really desperate unless theres another arrangement between them.

  4. @Bucky M. – are u dumb or just pretend to be? What happiness are u talking about?

  5. Poor Susan, so political. So jealous of the 1% who made it without Obama!

  6. yea for them!!!! someone is happy!!
    and rich!
    double yea!!

  7. Note to : xyzc

    You can suck it. Your are just a miserable old turd.

  8. I don’t think Mick Jagger was or is any kind of a prize in the relationship department.

  9. This SUSAN imbibes in Fox and enjoys it UNTIL they TRUMP SLAM . Make America Great 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. any one that spews hate on here is strom or it is him pretending to be someone else.

  11. Jerry hall is older than his ex wife, but looks a million times better, she looks classy and sophisticated compared to that Chinese swine he went slumming for.

  12. Rebound, but at his age Rupe can’t afford to waste any time.

    He was HUMILIATED when the story broke that Deng Wen Du was sliding up and down on Tony Blair at every opportunity.

    Obviously Murdoch has found a perfect way to exact his revenge: by leaving behind a widow, he’ll be shrinking considerably the slice of his fortune that would have gone to the rug-rats that Wendi produced with him.

    Well played, old goat; well played.

  13. Jagger and Hall did marry; but he made sure it was in a location not recognized by the States. Used her up and spit her out, so to speak, children or no children.

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