Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem terribly distraught over the fact the she announced her marriage was over last Friday. Anyway, there’s no time for tears. This week she’s packing up her wigs and flying off to the Ukraine where she’s booked for a private performance for a billionaire there, who’s paying her close to a million dollars. And why not? Now that she’s single she might meet an incredibly wealthy Russian who tickles her fancy.


  1. Janet, she is NOT “single” until her divorce is finalized, if they indeed do go thru with it. Somehow, I don’t believe they WILL and I think these two will hot back up as they were on Idol a couple of months ago. I don’t think EITHER of them are that good of an actor and it was ONLY two months ago (wasn’t it?)…according to Guilianna Rancic that’s the time frame anyway.
    That hot white fring dress and her flassing and wriggling her ass in front of him while he sang was quite an act, but I don’t think they were “acting”, I believe it was REAL hotness I was seeing and I can’t believe it could fade that quick! Plus Jen wouldn’t want her kids to come from a broken home. That’s NOT a good thing. And I wonder how often he sees his FIRST batch of kids? THINK Jen!!!

  2. No one in their right might mind, after 7 years of marriage and 2 children, would be “single and ready to mingle”. Unless she has been mingling inside of her marriage and has someone waiting in the wings.

  3. Lots of wigs and makeup here. She is a very plain looking Hispanic without a lot of help. Her publicity machine is grinding out all sorts of jibberish and soon people will think she is a saint instead of a street ho who mingled her way to fame in the bed of BLACK Puffy Combs.

  4. Private performance sounds like call girl duty. Guess someone has to keep that wide load in Austrian crystal spanx.

  5. The split is not too much of a shocker, as I have read that he feels like Mr. Lopez and he is a control freak; whether this is true or not who knows.

    And then one could wonder what Ms. Beautiful really wants out of life, except for the fact to keep her face in front of every camera. And wonder how many nannies are taking care of the twins. GollyWeird never ceases to amaze.

  6. fly to the netherlands.
    Hook up with me.


  7. Not many Hollywood marriages last so why is this split any different than all the others? Doesn’t surprise me that they split or that she is off doing her own thing already. They’ve probably been married and living separate lives for quite some time.

  8. It is better to love…Then never love at all and adlease she was blessed with two wonderful children and some one to go on for her in the future and Yes she has been married so many times and it did not last but there is nothing but paper work thats a reminder…But two children is a gift and that is wonderful that she has a son and a daughter but to get divorced again..There are many reason a relationship does not work and it is better to let go of the stress and drama of a relationship..Before it turns into dislike of the person company, And friendship should be something that should be held on to.

  9. Some times lovers can’t see eye to eye on conditions and at times the other person fails to listen to the problems that are getting bigger and bigger and sooner or later the air is going to be harder to breath if problems are not addressed during the relationship and fixed as the relationship floats along and in the back of a person mind…Problems that are completely enored make the other person turn off to you on so many levels and there is a breaking point and that means the relationship..Becomes Broken and that only happens if the other person is not willing to talk things throw and work out the problems..Because if that does not happen? Then the other person is nolonger wanting to share lives together as one!!! And concerns about making love to this person..Is placed on the back burner!!! If your partner is unwilling to talk about problems that cause a woman to turn her mind off to her husband and later her body to him. Then that relationship is not going to be a lovers type of relationship..It turns into friendship and it stops before you reach the bed… I am glad that Jennifer Lopez is a mother and that is the blessing she got out of this relationship.

  10. Her mothering is very limited…the minders do most of it and she has been happy to accept much money to pimp out the kids birth and young lives.

  11. She wasn’t into any of the guys she dates or marries.. she’s too BIG for anyone else…

  12. dee cee: U R so exactly right. She is so full of herself at this point that a decent man should not even want to take her out for dinner, let alone anything else. Who would really want her, with her nasty past. Unfortunately, lots, until… hits the fan.

  13. that last comment from Strom was the first time he made me LOL.

  14. oops not the last comment…. this one:
    I doubt Marc is interested.

  15. Wow…


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