Jennifer Lopez is in LA filming a scene for “The Boy Next Door” in which she plays a divorced woman who has a steamy affair with a neighboring teenager and all hell breaks loose. In the photo she seems to be getting herself in the mood to pounce. The object of her character’s affection is played by hot newcomer and ex-model Ryan Guzman.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Q = What is a sure way for a picture to be a flop?

    A = Cast Jennifer Lopez for any part

  2. Without wigs and makeup she, like Eva Longoria, is a very plain looking Hispanic woman.

  3. Her movies are painful to watch. As far as getting into a role, she already has a younger “boyfriend” baby Casper(that name is also painful) so this should be a piece of cake for her.

  4. Not even a Kardashian has provided as much backside to BLACK men in return for a chance at fame.

  5. ………a masturbating movie for high school boy’s?
    ……I WAS ONE TOO!!

  6. Absolutely nothing about this chick interests me.

    She is a half-talent that reminds me of someone who stands for hours practicing how to look at the camera.

    Argh! She can take off into never-never land along with that creepy boy she hangs with.

  7. Box Office Poison:

    Jennifer Garner
    Cameron Diaz
    Justin Timberlake
    Jessica Biel
    Eva Longoria
    Colin Farell

    I’m sure there are more, but in the last 5 years these people have had major bombs at the box office, with the exception of Timberlake in the social network, but none of these can carry a film, they are cooked and don’t have a shot in hell for a real comeback.

  8. Yep…but at least Jlo has a great manager who can get her jobs…..amazing that any show or studio would want her for anything, especially at a premium price. They want a token Hispanic obviously.

    With all the BLACK meat for fame trading, she truly is a disgrace to her race.

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