Contrary to speculation, Jennifer Aniston is not dating a Hasidic. Her bearded beau, Justin Theroux, 39, is more than just an actor- he’s also a successful screenwriter, responsible for the Iron Man II script. He also wrote a script called “A Dog’s Ransom” about a publishing house executive whose dog is kidnapped for ransom, with Ben Affleck directing, and Hugh Laurie set to star. Hence, we assume he is smarter than the average actor, and more likely to hold Jennifer’s interest. Justin is also a dog lover – he’s part of a campaign to educate people NOT to chain up dogs in the back yard. He asks “Would you ever dream of chaining up your best friend outside?” ( She’s gotta love him for that!) Justin looks rather fetching without the facial hair. So far so good.


  1. That hideous facial hair makes him look like a serial killer.

  2. She’s a smart cookie and beautiful too. Hope he makes her happy.

  3. I think he looks handsome with facial hair. Had never heard of him until the recent items about her dating him.

  4. As long as this guy stays current and relevant in the Hollywood scene, she will stay with him. He is another stepping stone for her. What better way for Aniston to keep her acting career going than to be in a relationship with a screenwriter with obvious Hollywood connections. This guy is a BIG sucker if he falls for her infamous social climbing ways!!

  5. If anything, he is dating HER to climb the social ladder — she is the break out star of “Friends” and has been for a long time. Guess it just depends what each wants… she doesn’t seem to want babies, and if he does at some point, that’s a deal breaker, or, vice versa…being apart for months on location will do it as well.

  6. Justin has been around for years and a successful actor who does not need to “climb the social ladder”. Check out his resime. Uber fame does not equal success and he is a diehard Manhattanite.

  7. To me, she seems desperate to get and keep a man, KEEP being the key word here. It’s mostly women who are desperate and men who are not, regardless of their status in fame and fortune. One wonders if she would have still been with Brad, if #1 whore had not stolen him.

    This is not the greatest picture of Jenn; her nose and chin look large, as usual.

    Justin looks like a slickster with a receding hairline.

  8. I, too, haven’t heard of him before, but that doesn’t mean a thing, I usually DON’T know the names of people with those careers.
    Don’t think the facial hair does much for him and hope the pic without it is how he looks NOW. To me, the clean-shaven pic he has SOMETHING rather youngish “Warren Beatty” about him. Can’t really put my finger on it, but he should definitely stock up on razors!

  9. Jennifer’s got a lot of tolerance to put up with all that crap on his face.


  11. Wow!!
    Here is another “studio fixer upper romance” for Jennifer. I am Now under the impression that Jennifer has a clause in her studio contract to have “a date” to escort her to the premieres and parties so that she will Not have to go alone to publicize the film. After the publicity junket is over, so is the “publicity romance.”

  12. Uh, so what if Jennifer is dating a Jewish guy? What’s wrong with that?

  13. I love his campaign to discourage people from chaining dogs in the back yard. It is such a cruel practice. Dogs are pack animals and it is torture for them to be chained up and ignored.

  14. Janet, the correct term is “Hasid,” not “Hasidic.” And Nina, not that it matters, but Justin Theroux isn’t Jewish.

  15. He also played the evil DJ in Zoolander, and was also the male lead in Mulholland Drive. Quite a resume!

  16. Well, so far, to me, he’s gone under the radar and hasn’t had any rolls that would “make” him be memorable so that when you say his name you remember his face.

    Leo: Jennifer HAS gone to a few premiers alone and doesn’t think anything of it. Being single today is not a crime. There is no difference between her, and Clooney. Both very good looking, keep in shape, could probably date pretty much anybody they wish, but they do fine by themselves and don’t “have” to have a “mate” to be complete. It’s called being balanced with yourselve and enjoying your own company.

  17. This sleazy user guy seems to have a secret long term girlfriend.. uh oh. The mother of Justin’s supposed other lover claims he’s assured her daughter, Heidi Bivens, that he and the Friends actress are just that – friends only.

    ‘It’s not true at all,’ Marilyn Bivens told Radar Online. ‘That’s from Justin’s own mouth.’ Ms Bivens said her stylist daughter has been dating 39-year-old Theroux for a long time.

    She piped up following reports that the Your Highness actor had spent the whole of last weekend with Jen and was introduced to her mates. But Ms Bivens was told ‘he was with her at a dinner party with a lot of other people.

    It’s been just a big, big misunderstanding – and you can take that as the truth.’

    The news is likely to serve as yet another jaw dropper for the 42-year-old divorcee.

    Meanwhile, Theroux sounds smitten with Aniston after gushing over how she cared for him on the set of their new film Wanderlust.

    ‘She was fantastic, the classiest lady I know. Jen would take care of me a little bit,’ he said. ‘When I would feel low, she had all these Chinese herbal medicines she’d give me.

    ‘If I caught a cold, she’d make blueberry smoothies with antioxidants. She was a fantastic blender chef.’

  18. @Reta:
    Belated Birthday Wishes!!
    As always, thank you for reading my opinions and comments whether you agree with them or Not!!

  19. Maybe you should read more because Justin isnt new to many folks…incluidng me. Ive been following his career since the 90’s!

  20. He is no yid and the nephew of Paul Theroux. Seems a pretty spoiled and very liberal…we are the world’r!

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