Now that Jennifer Aniston has her superfabulous Architectural Digest house completed in Los Angeles, she has turned her attention to New York. Like Barbra Streisand, Jen loves buying and re-doing new properties for herself. (Her pal Courteney Cox flips houses) According to the New York Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil, Jennifer took a long look at an 8.75 million dollar penthouse in the Village. Four years ago the place was priced at 14.5 million and it’s back on the market. It’s a 5 bedroom 4 bath four level penthouse with a keyed elevator and stairs. 17 ft ceilings, a real fireplace and a landscaped roof garden add to the charm. Jennifer’s thinking it over.

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  1. And we should care about this?!? She’ll be out of money soon enough given the fact that she’s the kiss of death for any movie she’s in.

  2. I like what I can see of it, although I’d want a NYC loft rather than NYC swank.

  3. MissEva, never gonna happen. If you could see the size of Jen’s monthly Friends reruns residuals check for doing absolutely nothing, it would probably make you cry.

  4. New York is such a waste, people pay stupid money to live in places you could get for half elsewhere.

  5. By golly, the law of averages says that surely there is a down on his luck man out there somewhere who will love her for her money.

  6. Yep, she has the $$$ but please go to Europe and recoup your ability a little bit and get out of the limelight,.,,,,here she will always be the one who had her man stolen. Soon it will be more plastic surgery to keep everything held in place.

  7. Jen will end up like Paula Abdul if she keeps hanging around…but perhaps with a less arabic sheen. Paula laways acts desparate and Jen the same. Hopefully Jen wont try the Corey Clark route to happiness though!

  8. Yes strom, heaven forbid Jen actually have to touch a black guy, let alone have SEX with one… I mean that could actually cause her to spontaneously com-bust it’s so dangerous!

    Indy I used to like you and had some respect for you, but something has happened to you lately and you’ve really become offensive with racist and homophobic comments. Did you get an organ transplant from Gerard or strom by any chance?

  9. Rick, I’m with you completely on the loft thing. I’d love to live in a large warehouse type room with huge windows and a great view out of all of them. I’d really have a blast filling the place with art and “walls” of hanging fabric panels and/or glass block, and fantastic lighting. Well, one can dream…

  10. Reta, because I really like you and am truly glad you came back, I hope you are able to get this type of abode one day. I’d like to have one overlooking Central Park, a second home.

  11. As Jennifer lays resting on the couch, she can look up at the cobwebs on the 17 foot ceilings.

  12. Yup Reta.. tall ceilings, expansive windows, and lots of unencumbered, unpretentious open space where your voice echos is my idea of living the good life too.

  13. I use to live in a loft in NYC and it was so cold and the money that it costs to heat it was ridiculous…

    I think Jen needs to move to NYC and get a good acting coach..stop smoking so she stops sounding like a truck driver with a hole in her throat that still smokes!

  14. Good point Bu. I was born and raised on Long Island and remember the cold well. Fortunately I live in a warm climate now.

  15. Rick, not sure about the echoes, but I’d sure have a blast arranging and rearranging a place like that as a huge art canvas. I’d have so much color and texture it would practically be impossible to go to sleep. Oh well, it’s a waste of time anyway.

  16. it was “Designed” as a prison, NOBODY COULD FLY AWAY & BREAKOUT!!

  17. Sounds like a sad, lonely existence. That place looks cold. Hope she finds a good movie to work on and a solid guy soon. People are ridiculously critical of her.

  18. Reta I should have said space where sound reverberates rather than echos, like when you sing in the shower. Great acoustics for music is what I had in mind.

  19. Rick, sounds absolutely delightful. Yes, I agree the music would play an important part in it being another form of art. The whole thing would have to function as one giant piece of living breathing art to me. Like being inside the whale.

  20. Inside the whale Reta Thatspace is too hard for any decent high end pre-recorded soundstaging. Nothing to absorb the sound.
    You could have loud but smooth is out.

  21. Sorry about the poor punctuation above.
    I collect and run P.A. systems as a hobby. Passionate stereo nerd, and got excited.
    Always have liked it loud and good. You know.

  22. The reason your moving is to have a major change in your life and the reason your moving to New York is the Big Apple and your just taking a Bite out of it and your having fun and your still Beautiful and Young and smart and Gifted and your funny and it is good to do something positive and wonderful for your self and Be around the people that you love and Good Luck and take care dear sweet lady! Who is Beautiful and Funny.

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