Don’t believe those unsubstantiated “rumors” that Jennifer Aniston had a secret dinner with Brad Pitt in Toronto, where they are both in the same town for the film festival. Jennifer’s people go to great lengths to make sure she doesn’t accidentally bump into anyone who might create an awkward situation for her. Desperate magazines love to make up stories like this because they sell copies and are not litigious. Websites mindlessly repeat them for the SAME reasons. The fact is, Jennifer and Brad have NOT been in touch since their divorce. Period.



  1. I guess that makes the great Brad Pitt a liar then. Didn’t he say they were still friends?
    I never liked that guy. He always seemed so fake.

  2. Just wait, just wait, those 6 spoiled brats are going to get to Mr. Romance. They are already wearing on his nerves; he has been partying in Italy with old friend George Clooney. He and Angel are both living too fast and too money-be-damned rich. I predict it will come to a screeching halt soon. Jennifer is like a spider playing the waiting game. I think she would like one large intimate date, but not be a couple again. I hope they do meet for dinner, and his always jealous baby-maker whore gets wind of it; now THAT would be a story.

  3. Her jawline and chin are really loooooong. I think she had her Greek nose whittled down, altho she will deny it.

  4. “A good man is hard to find”…..that is Jennifer Aniston’s theme song these days, since she has struck out on love and romance over and over.
    Or, after so many failed relationships, maybe she should just settle for…”A hard man is good to find”. Because, in her case, I don’t think she will ever marry again. She is too insecure, and probably won’t trust any man.
    I still think she is kicking herself for not adopting and/or having a couple of kids…that way she would always have a link with ‘the most handsome man on earth’. Phooey on all of them.


  6. Chewonthis, I think Angelina probably realizes that her life was much better before Brad Pitt came crashing in on her fun. She was flying, taking lovers, and doing her humanitarian thing without much fuss… Now She has to deal with Brad’s Media lovers and his crazy ass fans critizising her every move . It’s no wonder why she’s hiding right now. I wouldn’t blame her if she dumped his asss.. She probably wishes he would go back to wherever the hell he came from.

  7. Brad & Angelina’s frantic baby-spewing is rediculous…they don’t even slow down long enough to get to know the poor kids. And running off all over the place, dragging the kids all over…well might be nice in some ways, but STABILITY is the most cherished and important thing in building a child’s security.
    Angie is a homewreaking whore, a baby buyer, a freak….I remeber when she talked about slashing her wrists for fun, and wore her ugly husbands blood like a vampire cult freak wannabe. She is a poseur. Brad is a cheater…that’s how he got HER…I hope he cheats on her TOO… that’s what she deserves for not keeping her legs together.
    They BOTH disgust me. Jennifer is a class act all the way…and doesn’t have to act the fool, slice herself, make out with her brother, wear blood necklaces or screw other people’s husbands to get attention. I don’t even think Angie is a good actress, I can’t even get thru most of her movies all the way before turning them off. And Brad is only good surrounded by Clooney and company…I don’t think he could carry a movie by himself…he’s pretty, but not exactly known for being a grea thespian. The two of them are too busy “acting” like doting parents…while the hired help takes care of the kids at home while they galavant all over the place looking for another kid to buy.

  8. Why not bret pit?
    Cause some “BRAIN DAMADGE” with angelina!!

  9. Why is Angie always brought up when the blog is clearly about Jen? Seriously, I don’t think Jen and Angie really care. They’ve all moved on. Jen’s marriage didn’t work out and it had nothing to do with Angie. You can’t give a person that much power. People change and feelings change. Why is that so hard to accept?

  10. Thanks for clearing up the rumors Janet. We the readers know you are a true Hollywood ‘insider’ that has a pipeline right through to Jen’s people.

  11. Til the end of time, the Jen,Brad,Angelina triangle will continue to make news in one way or the other.
    I also think Ang is having second thoughts about squirting out 3 kids…in the past she always said she would never have biological kids, “because the world is already full of so many needy children”.
    I also think Jenn wishes she had adopted at least 2 and somehow Brad and she could have renewed their vows, because NOW she sees what scum there is left, having dated most of them. Course, Brad is an adulterous scum-bad too, so really what is a person to do?

  12. I don’t think Jen regrets her marriage ending. Maybe she likes being single. Ever given that any thought? I’m sick of people’s take on any Brad news as “poor Jen.” The woman is much better off. And I don’t think she cares about any Brad and Angelina news. She’s over it and I think the people who say are her “fans” should stop disrespecting her by always bringing up her failed marriage and Angelina. Not cool at all.

  13. There wasn’t a “triangle” to begin with. Janet already set the record straight a few months ago by confirming that Jolie had nothing to do with the divorce. Jen dumped Brad. It wasn’t working out. It hadn’t been working at all long before Jolie showed up. Wow. People just love drama even if most of it is just speculation and fabrication.

  14. Jennifer enjoyed being 1/2 of the “Hollywood Golden Couple”. She definitely did.
    True, she may have moved on, but she has always been insecure about her looks. Plus, she does not relish all the press about her failed relationships, which make her even more secure.
    Yes, she may have moved on, but in the back of her mind, she WISHES it had worked out with Brad, Mr. Arm Candy. She covers up her feelings. As to whether she really ever wanted a baby or not, she covers that up, too.

  15. ^^^^^^
    “Jen dumped Brad”.
    The man usually gives the wife the option of doing the dumping. It puts her in a better light. I think she was trying to hang on to him, no matter what anyone says.
    That being said, I think Brad has no conscience to hook up with a nut-case like Angie, who could go off and do her own thing at any time. She has said she is a free spirit and that she does not like to feel hemmed in. It is a fact that Brad leaves her for 3 or 4 days at a time and flies off for partying and who knows what else. Maybe he feels hemmed in too.

  16. ^^^^^^
    “Jen dumped Brad”.
    The man usually gives the wife the option of doing the dumping. It puts her in a better light. I think she was trying to hang on to him, no matter what anyone says.
    That being said, I think Brad has no conscience to hook up with a nut-case like Angie, who could go off and do her own thing at any time. She has said she is a free spirit and that she does not like to feel hemmed in. It is a fact that Brad leaves her for 3 or 4 days at a time and flies off for partying and who knows what else. Maybe he feels hemmed in too.

  17. Brad has issues and is a pretty selfish person who is hard to live with. Jen could no longer stand him and ended the marriage. Why can’t people just accept that? Most make this woman look so desperate. Why the hell would she want to hang on to this man? They were hardly together and there are plenty of rumors that he has bad drug habits. He and Angelina live the same kind of lifestyle and are much more suited for each other.
    I don’t think Jen wants to globe trot with six kids. That’s just not her thing. She’s in a good place. Leave her alone.

  18. Brad and Jennifer smoke cigs and occasionally marijuana. Angelina is against smoking and she claims she is drug-free. Brad still smokes cigs and occasionally marijuana.

  19. JA is a class act. Who cares if she and her ex-husband still talk – don’t they own a company together? Besides, maybe it would give that viper Angie a taste of her own medicine.
    Angie and Brad DID ruin his marriage to Jennifer. They can put the spin on it anyway they want, but the truth is the truth.
    I wish Brad and Angie a LONG, LONG, unhappy life together. They deserve it. In fact, I bet he’s wondering right now just what the heck he’s done…

  20. Brad thinks he so incredibly handsome, but the fact is, he is no great catch. He does what he wants when he wants, and she will too when she gets mad at him leaving her and the rug rats to party with Clooney & Co. Brad has a restless spirit, and he will probably be smoking weed more than ever with six spoiled screaming kids.
    We commoners look at their incredible wealth, properties, and exotic travels, and we feel somewhat jealous. But in reality their lifestyle is so bizarre that something big is bound to happen soon…just a feeling about it.

  21. Why can’t Jenn keep a man? Simple; she has said she will always love Brad. It was on Oprah about a year ago. I heard her say it. No man wants her full time; they feel they can’t follow the great one, the handsomest man on earth (per People mag). So in my opinion,she will never get hitched. She may adopt, but that is highly unlikely. I think if she had to do it over that she and Brad would adopt two or three. She never wanted to ruin her figure having her own kid. She is too vain, and spends a lot of time on her looks.

  22. Brad and Jen had problems almost from their wedding day. Neither thought the marriage was forever. Both were in counseling, Jen both before and the whole time of the marriage, Brad after the marriage. They should have stayed friends with benefits. Brad and Angelina are much alike, share common goals, both happy with all those kids. Jen did not want to be married or have kids and got out of an unhappy situation. Why can’t some of you accept her decision? Your constant carping about a 2005 divorce are helping to make Jen the subject of derision by tabloids and blogs, and hurting her career. Please let this go.

  23. Brad said that he and Jen had shared a friendship in the years they were together and that was part of his past life, he did not say they were active friends or anything like that. Brad has said nothing disrespectful of Jen, he did move on with his life and so did she. They tried to make their marriage work, they failed, and that is life. From all indications Brad went after Angelina as he saw someone he could be happy with. There is no fault there. Jen said people change and that is the truth, Jen wanted a career, and Brad wanted kids, and that is also the plain truth as that is what they both have concentrated on.

  24. 4:19 Get a life. Read what you wrote out loud. You sound like an idiot. Jen isn’t desperate and her marriage didn’t work. It’s that simple.
    Careful wishing people a long, unhappy life, because you may get a dose of your own medicine. Grow up.

  25. Hey 10:23:
    Maybe if you took your halo off for a few minutes, you’d see the truth. I read it and it makes sense to me.

  26. I think when the marriage ended 3 years ago that she was relieved and went on making movies, starting a new life, etc. However, I think she hated Ang with a passion at least for several months, because no woman wants to be replaced immediately, regardless of whether they tried to stay together or not.
    At the present time, after being used and dumped by jerk-offs like Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, I think she wishes they had managed to stay together and work it out.
    The bottom line is: there are mixed emotions in her brain, and I think at times that she is rather sad.

  27. Lots of good points made above. If Jen is going to all this trouble to avoid Brad, there is a reason for it. There are still unresolved feelings; understandably, I think. He flew into Angie’s arms, and Jen was floored by this. That would hurt anyone. Brad and Angie might hang on for a long time, who knows; forever, I highly doubt. I think Jen is high maintenance. She is very into herself. Really cannot think of anyone for Jen ~ she wants a Hollywood person, which are all quirky; not sure what she can offer a long-term relationship.

  28. Dandy Lion and Erika good points, but I seem to think that Jen is happy with her life. Brad is high maintenance. He’s hard to live with. He’s a male version of Angie. They’re both restless spirits and they suit each other.
    Jen is a creature of habit and is more comfortable in familiar surroundings. I can’t see her traveling to third world countries with six children tagging along. I get peeved that Angelina is always brought up when the blog is about Jen. I honestly believe Jen has moved on. Sure she’s not Angelina’s best friend nor would she even want to talk to Angelina, but I don’t think it keeps her up at night. Jen avoids Brad because the media would paint her as desperate and spin the story to make it look like Jen wants to reconcile. Why go through that turmoil? Jen is smart and keeps her distance.

  29. Brad thinks he is God’s gift to women; Jen thinks he is too, but she is really unsure of herself. It’s been reported she spends tons of money on facials, pedicures, etc. It’s unlikely Ang has the time to pamper herself like this with 6 rug rats hanging on her. True, they have nannies and help, but she is still their mama and she will look older fast. Plus, she is bound to feel unsure of Braddie when he is off partying. The worst of all is Brad and Ang practice Buddhism, which is BAD.

  30. Angie loves herself. I can’t see her as jealous and controlling. She probably wants Bradley to go away and party. Angie was never ever high maintenance. So I don’t think facials and such are important.

  31. Might be hilarious to see Jennifer and Billy Bob Thornton hook up. Those two would have a LOT to discuss.

  32. Might be hilarious to see Jennifer and Billy Bob Thornton hook up. Those two would have a LOT to discuss.

  33. I agree! I only wish someone actually got a picture of them TOGETHER or better yet Jennifer getting out of his car… That only Angie would recognize. Maybe Jen getting out of the car and Brads shoe sticking out of it in the pic and Angie recognized the scuff on it or Angie seeing the driver in the back ground and knowing he was Brads driver that night. knowing that they were together even if the rest of the world wasn’t sure. If only “SHE” knew.

  34. He is god’s gift to women.
    And I guess he would think he is Budda’s gift to women. 🙂

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