Finally, a male celebrity has to courage to condemn Bill Cosby because of those sexual assault allegations! Most of his contemporaries avoid the issue, but Jay Leno didn’t mince words. He said “I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women. You go to Saudi Arabia and you need 2 women to testify against a man. Here you need 25!” We love Jay for saying this, but we have to give credit to his wife also. Mavis has been fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan for YEARS and she keeps Jay educated on the subject.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Yay Jay! Too bad other Hollywood notables aren’t joining in to condemn this monster Cosby.

  2. i do not care much for leno but his wife knows what the what IS
    cosby should just be taken out— period. he’s a pompous sociopath that needs to be ended.

  3. Leno isn’t known for his ethics…just ask Dave or Conan…

  4. About time, was so sick of all the people trying to make it a racist thing instead of sexual attack.

  5. Amazing that Bill Cosby was after white women! Blondes preferred….BLACK women step to the rear of the line!

  6. She might have to Bill or might have been an exception to the majority of the others.

    Could he have been afraid of herpes?

  7. Let’s give credit where credit is REALLY due. Yes, Jay is the first well known male celebrity. ROSEANNE BARR HAD THE GUTS TO SPEAK OUT ON THIS YEARS AGO. She has also NEVER minced words when it comes to Polankski, Woody Allen or any other Sexual Abuser. More recently, Tina Fey, Rosie O. & others have followed Roseanne’s lead.

  8. Lots of comics have spoken out against Cosby. Heck it was a comic, Hannibal Burass, who really opened people’s eyes up to the geezer. Larry Wilmore, on his Nightly Show, did a whole thing against Cosby his first week. Leno, per usual, is just getting on the bandwagon. Leno really should stay in seclusion because in all his recent appearances, Bill Maher’s Real Time and Craig Ferguson’s last show, he comes off as a grumpy and bitter old man.

  9. Where is there some factual information about this whole affair? The media has created a sensation around Cosby. But, where are some of these testimonies be it in a book one can buy online. Did Cosby years ago payoff some ladies for such. And yet, their are more coming forward. Did he drug them or did he pay them for sex? And perhaps they started taking amongst themselves and found out he paid some more than others and this is their way of getting even? The ladies who attend functions at the Playboy Mansion – I find it hard to believe Cosby drugged a gal there with all that booze being consumed and then feed somebody a drug would with so much booze it’s a wonder she didn’t end up dead – whatever her story was. Listen to Gilbert Gottfried podcast about Jim Carey at the Playboy Mansion and form your own opinion after hearing that. As what kind of ladies attend those parties ? And came home not getting boned?

  10. I just LOVE Jay’s eyes, they are the bluest blue! Anybody know where I can get blue contact lenses?

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