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Jason Statham coming. The Transporter star has a weakness for the coolest rides in the universe and doesn’t hesitate to collect them. He also insists on doing is own driving stunts in movies. Jason was photographed here looking at pristine vintage cars.


  1. Believe it or not, alex is only 24. I guess you tend to look 10 years older when you party hard & f*ck everything with a d*ck. miss zosman will be 25 at the end of april.

  2. That’s fair. She shoudn’t need to be using botox and lip injections at her age. She was almost unrecognizable at the ciccone grey goose party. Her forehead looked like it had been stapled to the top of her head.

  3. her man could use some botox. that f@cker’s been looking nasty lately. well he always looks like sh!t but it’s gotten worse recently.

  4. thqat’w becuz he smokes too much. probably drinks but I have not seen it. it is aging him around the eyes and giving him creases on his forehead. he’s also older than 37 or whatever he is claiming. hair loss is accelerating on top too.

  5. I guess he is taking her out in public in malibu with jason fleming. means he think’s it’s okay to introduce her to friends. at least her forehead was waxed for the event.

  6. Jay doesn’t use his big head when it comes to picking the ladies.

  7. Everybody has such dreadful things to say about her, sounds like she made several enemies along the way. The comment made from someone who works at one of the clubs said they treat each other awful, how sad. They never look happy when they are with each other. I wonder what’s the real deal with him and her?

  8. it would almost seem better if he were paying her to be at his beck and call. I suspect but hope he is not emotionally attached to her. he may be one of those guys who confuses a girl’s aggression and me, me, me attitude for affection and commitment, something he feels he could not count on kelly brook to give.

  9. Heck. Everyone should tell their daughters- if they’re not ugly- don’t stress about the SAT and school, honey. Chill, go to LA. kiss up to club promoters, escort a few rich gents. See and be seen. Eventually a desperate hollywood hunk coming off a broken relationship will catch your eye and pay your bills. if you are persuasive enough, he will be your sugar daddy forever more. just enjoy the california surf and sun.

  10. Looks like she reads this stuff. She took someones advice up there to get shorter haircut. it’s all layered and dyed now. Next maybe she’ll take career advice from this blogoshpere too. Like do something legit that will pay in full for her lifestyle out of her own pocket.

  11. anonymous…lets talk about somebody who has a problem upstairs! I see people are writing i am a nut case..why? because i have heard people say that Jason is Gay, he himself has said that he wants to find a woman, get married and eventually have children, he dates women, not men!!….i have been on websites that say because of the show transporter..that his character proves he is a hidden gay person, but in transporter shows, it shows he has sex with women! So i’m a nut case for bringing this out..the comments that Jason has made and how i have heard gay people explain why they think he is gay,that is why i made a comment!!! he’s not!!!!but anonymous why not step out of your hiding place and give your name? it is so easy to insult people especially when we hide who we are! I don’t say Jason i’m your fan and then insult him, his girlfriend, friends or family. I just defend him with the truth!! yah, i’m a sycho..what are you then?..what proof do you have to back up what your saying. he said, she said, they said, a bunch of here say.! Give actual proof, before you say something to hurt someone!!Thanks for calling me a cougar, i think i might make a shirt that say’s i am one of Jason statham’s cougars and put his picture on it! Alex Zosman this is a good money making idea, talk to Jason..sell shirts that say..I am a Jason Statham cougar and proud of it!!!Maybe have a nice picture of Jason and a place that the lady can put their picture with his!!!I guess since i have never told you that i fantasize about Jason that is another…non proven fact of yours..what has wound you up to hurt others with your comments? Are you attracted to Jason and cannot stand the idea he might have found someone besides you? Now if i was so obsessed with Jason i might want to say bad things about Alex, but obviously i now how to control myself..oh yah maybe it’s all that medicine i take…thank you for telling me to contact my nurse to take my medicine..should you contact a doctor as well to get some help!!! your angry over nothing!! Yes!!! Jason is gorgeous and i have a special kind of love for him. I do though, know where to draw the line from fan love to obsessive behavior towards a movie star..obsessive can go in a hating way too, like towards Alex!..are you obsessive! huh i wonder! would you like my nurse to talk about meds you can take!! i have confidence in you that when you read this you will realize what is being said is getting a little carried away!! calm down!!!

  12. Jason and Alex
    If you truly love each other..that is great…every person has a past, live for today yesterday is gone, enjoy every moment you have together because that is what truly matters. Don’t allow others to destroy the future you could have with each other. Jason don’t worry about your future, you are so talented, you will always have money making opportunities, You as an actor is on demand.
    I would also think of opportunities in politics, I think you would be a great Major! Don’t believe the past can stop the future! One time you said you believe in fate, well i believe in faith..have some!

  13. OMG SHUT THE F%$k UP SHEILA!!!!!! You’re a godd@mnn headcase & several people have said so, not just one or two!!! Just because the name “anonymous” pops up several times doesn’t mean it’s same damn person sh!thead. And if you want proof of your seriously diminished mentally capacity read any number of your posts. Face it, you’re f*cked in the head…badly!!! Now get the f^ck off the internet dipsh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. anonymous..you are so uptight inside, wind down….you really do need some help!! Tell me are you usually angry like this? diminished mentally..i have only three post, where do you get any number of my posts..the first one was after i read people wondering was Jason gay, i commented where i had heard how that came about and how he was not gay..so it doesn’t matter what people say about me! Tonight i wrote two more, again to explain where i was coming from and whatever you or anyone else says about me i’m not going to get bothered about it. I will just laugh at it!!..i also encouraged Jason and his girlfriend not to allow people to get in the way of their happiness..of course that is unusual thinking on this website considering their comments are nasty and based non facts with alot of here say! Tell me what other posts are you talking about!!! Are you always dominating and controlling. when do you get to decide who has to get off the internet!!

  15. I support Sheila’s enthusiasm for Jason but I draw the line at the Kumbaya for Alex. If he wants to be with her, good luck with your choice. But I don’t believe tomorrow is just a new day and everything we did yesterday is magically erased like the waves take it back out to sea. Getting ahead by spreading usually comes back to bite you and even if it doesn’t, having done it rots away a part of your soul.

  16. why doesn’t the whole message show all the time? It is whited out!!!

  17. I think this website needs to correct the way they display peoples messages. Every time i leave this website and come back part of my post disappears so my whole message is not seen!!

  18. If you don’t get the whole message then it doesn’t make sense what is posted!!! I can see other posts are looking the same way!!I click on the left side and i get to see the whole message!!

  19. someone explain why he dates the alex girl? i dont dont dont like her. how does everyone know her? is she really 24? she looks really worn out. she needs to cut her hair even shorter and die it darker. it has orange highlights! eeks and too much botox for a young girl. lay off.

  20. Hey Sheila way to go! All you wanted to do was explain what you have learned about Jason, how he had said he wanted to find the perfect girl to marry and have kids.(He’s not gay) I have also heard comments could Jason be gay, thank you for explaining how that rumor could have gotten started! When he broke up with Kelly didn’t he go with a singer for one year and then met Alex? Not too long ago in a article i saw he was out with Kate Hudson and i have seen him spotted with other women..he keeps busy with the girls doesn’t he!! I know many people dislike Alex, I haven’t seen proof either just alot with hot tempers speaking out about her, she was 19 and put something on the internet saying things about herself that would make her look bad, my son tells me that that is the way the kids our nowadays..alot of the kids do that on the internet. I feel she was young and did a stupid, just like other teenagers but she shouldn’t have to pay for that mistake for the rest of her life! She was probably just joking around for others to laugh about what she wrote. Where is the proof that she is a call girl. I feel the people who accuse her should show their real identity and prove they are telling the truth!! until they do i will not believe anything negative about her either! who is perfect that they can bring up her past?

  21. I see nothing wrong with Alex’s hair, i think it is pretty! Alex girl, don’t worry what others say about you!! You got the man, he’s a hotty girl!!!

  22. Sheila Love your comments!!! keep it up! I wish people wouldn’t make comments about Jason’s girlfriend too, unless they have proof, not hersies!!! I think Jason and Alex look good together!

  23. Jason is a great actor, i’m looking forward to seeing more of his movies!! Sheila your ok, You have a true heart!

  24. Your too stressed anonymous get a happy heart! spend less time cussing at Sheila, all she did was explain Jason is not gay !! People insulted her, she did nothing wrong..she had the right to reply..too many stressed out on this website!!!!!
    If you don’t have actual evidence how can you make comments about Jason or his girlfriend? Allow people to tell you the truth and show you where they got their information! breathe and calm down.

  25. I love Jason Statham too!!! He really loves those cars. voom, voom, you are sexy Jason and Alex is lucky to have you as her guy! I see many are jealous of you Alex…you do have a good catch dont let him get away!!!

  26. Jason is the man! i love his movies, i watch them all the time. I watch the transporter shows all the time! I hope there is a transporter 4!!!

  27. Thank you! I luv the praise of J-son too! He is a sweetie and i love him much!!!

  28. “happy heart” but f#cked up brain!
    I don’t usually correct people’s grammar online but you I’m sick of seeing this sh#t everywhere. PAY ATTENTION NOW….. It’s YOU’RE (YOU ARE) not YOUR! You illiterate bastard(s). Every friggin time I turn around there is some moron who can’t grasp this small but SIMPLE thing. You should have learned this sh*t in grade school people.
    F**kin retards!
    By the way “happy heart”, F#CK YOU & F#CK OFF! I agree w/ every “anonymous” poster. She’s nuts! & YOU’RE annoying! Are you her mommy?! If not mind your own g#ddamn business & get off this site. Wouldn’t want all of us negative stressed people messing with YOU’RE “happy heart”. A$$hole!
    Is that enough cussing for you b#tch?? I’ve got loads more so let me know. K? (That’s short for okay for you older folks like Sheila & the “happy heart” b#tch.)

  29. Sheila, i can see what you’re are saying anonymous has an anger problem. This person makes big deals out of little things and has a controlling problem! I even believe lives a miserable life that is why there is so much hostility!! He thinks i’m your mother!

  30. “fashionista”, “the K”, “misty”, “candi” “shining star”, “happy heart”, “Darlen” and “miracle” are obviously the SAME person who was typing at their keyboard obsessively about alex and jason for a few hours in a row and pretending to be different people all defending alex. The posts all have lots of exclamation points, they were all posted within short times of each other and all have drippy happy upbeat names. hey not that a fake name instead of anonymous is a real identity that gives you some kind of credibility. I guess she felt outnumbered by the people speaking who know alex or jason.

  31. all those people might be sheila’s aliases too. OBSESSED!

  32. wow! anonymous is picking on other people too! You have alot of exclamation marks in your post!
    I guess any persons name would be perky compared to anonymous! keywords anonymous: their and they you’ve got that right!

  33. I see the same type of thinking pattern when i see anonyous. Do you always insult people? What happened in your life that makes you so miserable? I love how i’m told how obsessive i am when anonymous is obsessive with tearing me down!I guess i would be normal if i would just insult Jason and his girlfriend just because others do. I just like proof before i make comments about a person!

  34. I don’t believe anyword said about Jason or Alex, especially coming from a person called anonymous!
    I cannot believe the people on this website know them either.

  35. Sheila aka Happy Heart aka Miracle aka Darlen aka Candi aka Misti aka Dashionista aka Shining Star, people who know alex were using this place to share impressions. You are free to say what you want but I think you scared those people away who were giving hard to come by information from their experiences. Thanks alot!

  36. Yet another post on Sugar daddies…
    LA is probably the sugar daddy capital of the world. Lots of unhappy middle aged men looking for hot young things to strut around with. Lots of girls looking to be spoiled, pampered or whatever you want to call it.
    This is a route I STRONGLY suggest for girls who do not want to go into escorting. Its safer ( you have one sex partner), and its someone you can count on.
    There is a big difference in the exchange of actual money for sex. As an escort it is almost always by the hour (s), or a flat rate set down before the “exchange”. This is something I actually prefer. With a sugar daddy, there is a lot of grey area. The one thing you won’t get is cash on your dresser or even cash at all. Maybe he will pay your rent, buy you some stuff at Tiffanys or Louis Vuitton, or take you out to a fancy dinner, its a little more like having a boyfriend–but not really. I’ve tried this situation before, and I don’t like it, maybe its because I am already in a relationship with someone.
    Being an escort means you see all sorts of people, married, single, divorced, young, older etc. Sugar daddies basically come in two flavors: Married and married to their jobs, or sometimes both, the end result is, you have a man who is trying to do two things, have really great sex and comepensate for the time he is not spending with you.
    If you don’t give a hoot about the guy–then this could work out quite well–although you might get bored with them and dislike being their regular sex partner, if you are attracted to them you might fall in love with them–and then your stuck with someone who isn’t free.
    Be wise, and be safe.

  37. If it’s all tru Jason would convince her not to work anymore because it would be a bad embarassment for him if she were seen coming in and out of a hotel or someone else’s place. I’m sure he keeps her in nice threads and pays her monthly expenses. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a rich sexy one though!!! And she is laughing all the way to the bank- laughing at everyone writing about her, and laughing at him.

  38. anonymous that hard to come by information is on more then one website and like usual is not backed up with proof!The friendster profile is not even real check it out for yourself.

  39. sheila. you do not know what you are talking about. and anonymous is not all the same person. I am not the one telling you to take your meds because I thought that was uncalled for.
    Alex Z’s friendster profile was Completely real. she took it down. And it was taken down almost immediately after it came to light on a fan blog and started generating controversy and humiliation for Jason. the profile had links to a lot of other people in miami that she went to school with- comments on other ppls sites and their comments on hers. you do not know what is going on, sheila.. I fear if poor jason were dating heidi fleiss, somehow I think you would still come out to defend her and say things like, she was just arranging dates and companionship and tomorrow is a new day and heidi can wake up as a philanthropist!!

  40. and sheila, what kind of proof would you like, Dear? a photograph of her with a client? a signed statement from her roomate that she stole from her? an acknowledgment by jason’s people? credit card receipts for her jewelry and other extras? You are so blinded by lust and fandom for jason that you don’t know what is real and what is fake.

  41. The thing you gotta love about her friendster profile—- and yeah it was real ok! when it was up I knew some of her “friends” she linked with—– so yeah the thing I love is that she has some view of herself as an entitled hot piece of a____ and referred to herself in debasing, cheapening terms that she mistakenly thinks mean positive things. And I think she was old enough to know better when she put that profile up, contrary to the advice someone up there was getting from their kid.
    She is not ugly but she is not super hot either. Not bad at all, but nothing special. She primps and preens by the style of hollywood. I just think she has convinced Jason that she is really hot even though she is run of the mill. I could see if she looked like Kelly Brook he would be so blinded by lust he could overlook the messy details of her life and past, but I will never get what he is thinking.
    Some of his befuddled friends think he’s with her because she is available but you have to wonder if that was what he thought why is he wasting 3 years with her? I think just as she has created this myth that she is some super hot chick(trophy wife and hitman as her miami friend sam called her) she has messed with his head and convinced him he can’t do any better than her.
    it’s a crying shame cuz jason has sooo much going for him. when all is said and done, Mr. Statham will wind up having paid more for hour of time spent with her than anyone else has spent on her and that may make her the most expensive piece of a___ hollywood prorated.

  42. Fashionista is someone else, different comment. But these are all the same person::::
    Sheila = the J = happy heart = Candi = Misty = shining star = Darlen = miracle and maybe alex, too.
    good lord. someone pray for jason. I agree with Fashionista alex should dye her hair darker and cut it a little shorter, ditch the layers. But really, maybe she has bigger problems?

  43. haha zool, it’s like you red my mind. no doubt that every name you listed is the same person. i guess they let the psych patients have internet access this week. hopefully that privilege will be quickly taken away.
    to sheila, please go back to that Jayfan thingy & take all your personalities with you. Thanxs.

  44. well Anony, Right back atcha. you have me laughing uncontrollably. Stop! I might get laughlines and really need to inject my face with something. What other celebs have you posted about here or anywhere? I wouldn’t mind reading your other handiwork because it’s too dang scathingly dead-on not to be properly enjoyed.

  45. Alex’s ex-boyfriend Dean, the party promoter, dunno what his orientation is, but he was clearly her link to the Hollywood scene. Read comments. get the picture? especially the LAST comment at thedirtyDOTcom ?p=32625

  46. put a backslash(/) before the question mark(?) in the address above

    March 21st, 2009 at 3:15 pm dean dean baby Says:
    “dean may dated a hooker named alex zosman for years so i dont think he would risk getting a disease if he was really gay. he does lots of drugs with his ex’s friends and is NOT riich. he is a bit of a wanna be and everything wrong about la but not a bad or mean person. he is no heir to any fiortune. he is a club promoter and on the club scene. his biggest claim to fame is that he now hangs out with jayson statham because he sold his ex to him.”

  48. 3 real jobs in the course of a year…no jobs before last year…2 colleges in 6 years…and a sloppy LinkedIn profile. how did she support herself financially for over 5 years?

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