playtime%20cutReaders hungry for a unique visual experience still have time to see Jacques Tati’s 1967 masterpiece Playtime at the Aero theater in Santa Monica Sunday night presented by the American Cinematheque. It’s the epitome of French comedy- with architectural overtones, yet. Picture an “everyman” type fellow overwhelmed and puzzled by the modern world, sleek office buildings, and whimsical gadgets. It’s a view of modernism in the mid-century when people thought the world was going in a whole new direction. Dialogue is minimal compared to sound effects. The photo above shows a modern apartment building where passersby can see right in the windows. Anyone who loved Jacques Tati’s other hit Mon Oncle from 1958, will adore this movie. See it once and you’ll never forget it.

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  1. I saw Playtime at the Egyptian theater years ago- it was a packed house and the audience loved it!

  2. This looks so cool! I wish I were there to see it- it is right up my alley- French based in film+ 60s- I love French films from the 60s as I lived in Paris as a tot in the 60s. Janet please please please! post more artsy related items because in my opinion art- artists- kitsch ( although this isn’t kitsch I love anything kitschy)- theatre etc. is much more interesting than what these trashy, blonde anoretic barbie doll one dimensional dimwits are up to. Oh yeah- I happen to be an artist too. Wish I could post my real name and art website.

  3. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen is so hateful this year and pressure and swearing at other people like Scott or Andy who are lead Chef and part of Chef Gordon Ramsay is a No No and sooner or later you got to go... says:

    I think people will stand in line for something they want to see and something that is important to them and you never know if this is something your going to see for one time or if you deside to go back and view it again would be something but some people have passion for items that are rare and worth while to see and look at and every one has wants and needs to view some things.?

  4. Casonia logenberry....I know some people think? That I am crazy and strange and weird but..I really love Hells kitchen so much...I have been trying to get there attention on so many levels! says:

    What ever moves you and gives you joy and stress free to see is good for you.

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