Considering the paparazzi excitement she generates, Jennifer Aniston is habitually cool, calm, and collected, (and NICE!) no matter where she is. She had an exhausting schedule at the Toronto Film Festival, but still managed to squeeze in yoga sessions in her hotel room with her favorite instructor Mandy Ingber. Mandy told The Hollywood Reporter they were private Skype sessions and they help keep Jen focused and relaxed under frenzied circumstances. We smell a trend here.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. JMHO:

    Jen is still at times hurting because of the world knowing she was dumped for a much prettier face. She tried to hang on to him for dear life and it failed.

    PS: I will be surprised if Justin marries her. Mighty surprised.

  2. Poor Jen will always be the TV girl that got dumped by Brad Pitt. She always looks sad.

  3. I give Jen credit for having kept it classy. She’ll be okay & Brad who?

  4. Ha too funny that some idiots still think she pines for her past with her lying cheater ex. Good grief the triangle is ovah so it is about time YOU losers move on. Stop projecting your life inadequacies on to her. And funny how that tv girl has a busy movie career, loads of fans, solid friends, a good looking fiancee and she’s NICE. Damn.

  5. I have never gotten her appeal. She is very plain in the face, her acting is so so, she’s just blah. I don’t think Justin will ever marry her either.

  6. Pitt is a personality vampire. He has no personality of his own and needs an interesting woman to offset his frat boy tendencies.

    Jen A is too regular to keep his interest.
    The vulgar phrase used these days to describe her is basic bitch.

    In this photo, Jen A looks her age ( nothing wrong about this) but she wore the incorrect shoes with the dress.

    It also appears shes gained a few pounds and looks normal- just as Cameron Diaz is not as lean as she once was.
    I personally think the few extra pounds suits these women’s frames better.

  7. I think she looks fabulous! Smashing, in fact. I wonder how often Mr. Pitt looks at his skeleton of a vampire-ish wife and longs for the curves and womanly body Jennifer has.

    Jennifer will always have it over that zipper, AJ.

  8. Jennifer looks fabulous, and there could be a better choice for shoes.
    That’s pretty funny about Pitt being a personality vampire!

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