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Anthony Weiner is now a doll. A quick thinking toy company has designed an action figure of the disgraced congressman that sells for $49.95.The sex scandal doll is wearing a gym shirt and shorts, and comes with a little cell phone. It’s actually a rather flattering likeness.


  1. Janet, did you mean the face, the bulging muscles, or the “package” he’s sporting in his shorts was the “flattering likeness”?

    I may just have to go check out one of these dolls just to pull his pants down and see what all the fuss is about.

  2. all americans are just kids.

  3. This is gonna be funny when Reta goes “package inspecting” at the retail store. Hope she gets dragged away in cuffs.

  4. We must assume that he has big feet, too, and we already know he’s got a big honker, ’cause we got eyes. lol

  5. LOL dimes. It does look like Danny Thomas! It does not look like the Congressman at all. Well, accept maybe the bulge.

    Reta’s comment reminds me of when the Rolling Stones album “Sticky Fingers” came out, with the real zipper. You couldn’t find one that hadn’t been handled. People broke through the plastic and pulled down all the zippers.

  6. Yids always will be serial cheaters….the entire affair is weird and soon I think Hillary will be fucking his wife the Paki, if she hasn’t already….maybe the entire thing is an open marriage.

  7. Reta! Pulling a boy dolls pants down in a store is one thing. But if you get caught down on your knees, blowing a boy doll in the toy department of Target there will be a lot of frightened little children.

  8. I don’t underststand this drivvel in nyc yet they don’t talk about his skeltor looking wife being a hilary’s lover. They don’t talk about anything serious. If this was an ordinary person he would have been arrested for sexting. Why is that?

  9. Oh he wished he looked like that more like beavis and buthead.

  10. Hello: I didn’t know it was “illegal” to do “sexting”. Hell, if THAT was the truth, nearly everybody that HAS a cellphone would be hiding from the police!

  11. It does sort of resemble a young Danny Thomas. The Doll’s face isn’t really that acurate to Mr. Weiner’s. HIS face is way too narrow and pinced and his nose is more hooked and has a hump as well. A doll in his real likeness would be really eye opening!

    Also, I just noticed and got the meaning of the small sign on the shorts: “Tweet This” next to the bulge that appears to be under the shorts. It does facinate me WHAT they used to create that bulge because I think there would be an outcry from all the Puritans who would (rightfully) say a doll doesn’t NEED a penis, but then, is a glob of plastic under a pair of tiny shorts really a Penis after all? I think not.

    And Walt, your grandson’s GI Joe would go blow himself up with plastic explosives in frustration and shame if he saw what Mr. Weiner the doll, is packin, compared to his own bare, smooth plastic crotchal area (that won’t even allow him to empty his bladder of all the beers he’s been swilling with the boys all night down at the tavern). Muscles is muscles, but even a PLASTIC guy wants a bulging penis in his pants!

  12. Patrick, if I’ve learned ANYTHING in these 59 years it is that plastic doesn’t TASTE good and no matter how long it’s in your mouth, it never changes. Capiche?

  13. Reta, I don’t think so because each night his GI Joe is sleeping (wink wink)with a different Barbie every night of the week. Just ask Holiday Barbie. She was his squeeze last night…….and as always, Ken ran the camera.

  14. Walt, I’m dying from laughter. You know, I always knew that Barbie was a tramp.

  15. Walt!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. @Hello

    Someone finally said it. And now it is revealed that wifey is supposedly pregnant. And yet during Hillary’s pres. campaign, Huma’s relationship with her was more than an open secret.

    This strange story gets even stranger.

  17. (And if Tori Spelling ever commissions a doll, THIS is the company to go withβ€””flattering likeness” indeed! πŸ™‚ )

  18. Thus, a heretofore anonymous weiner proves the old truth that, “politics is Hollywood for ugly people.”

    The NY voters who put their faith in this dick to “represent” them must be so proud!

    And the ONLY reason an Anthony Weiner doll exists is because Weiner’s Uncle Sol put his Shanghai plastics factory into mandatory triple-shifts.

  19. Why don’t they just make dildos in Weiner’s likeness instead? It would definitely be more profitable.

  20. Oh yeah, GO, CANUCKS, GO!!

    Tonight is the night for history to be made, woo hooooo!!

    Happy Birthday, C-man!!

    Love you lots buddy!!

  21. The BIG story that would make the Weiner scandal seem miniscule would be the outing of Hillary. Bill himself stated that she has had more women than he ever had. It’s all over the net that Huma is one of her many lovers. Hil is just on the verge of being caught big-time. I hope I hope I hope.

  22. Q: Why do the elbows and wrists have so many jointed parts that can move?

    A: Duh, so he can re-arrange his humongous package…..time and time again.

  23. What Bill actually said was:

    Hillary has eatern even more pussy than I have.

    I think the Paki girl is very nervous about this coming “out”

  24. It might be fun if they find out he was sending this nasty stuff to underage girls and he can’t be alone around his new baby, when it is born.. but nawh, I guess that is a plus for him to divorce. It is said, marrying Huma so Hilary could keep her older, not married girl-pal helper without questions, and he’d attain a long term government job, with all the freebies, for he’s too dumb to work in the private sector.

  25. Indy ” Bill himself stated that she has had more women than he ever had.”

    I thought you were serious there for a minute! LOL I was gonna say where did he say that?! LOL πŸ™‚

  26. Walt, I’ve come to the conclusion that in politics and GollyWeird truth is stranger than fiction…..and life is just a bowl of cherries.

  27. He needs to resign already. I cannot respect a man who cheats on his pregnant wife and I can’t trust a man who lies like a rug. Go away!

  28. I am of the belief that the one person who wants this guy to hang around is “Arnuld.” After being in the hot seat for weeks, Anthony Weiner shoved Arnuld off the front pages of the scandal sheets. Arnuld is keeping a low profile, and is thanking his arm raising muscles that this “little guy” came along and taken some “weight” off his bad boy behavior!!

  29. When will the press pick up on the fact that Hillary has long been fucking Huma and she was happy to travel and let Weiner do what he does on his own.

  30. Strom, imho I think the LIBERAL press has picked up on Huma and Hillary, but as usual all is being kept quiet. Furthermore, I think most in D.C. knows Hillary is a lesbian. All one has to do is enter something like…Huma and Hillary lesbian affair and lots of info comes up..

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