Don’t they take attendance at Scientology school? It seems like Willow Smith, 9, has been around the world more than once in the last month and she hasn’t been seen twice in the same outfit. Right now she’s taking in the sights at Milan’s Fashion Week. Note she is sitting in the very exclusive FRONT ROW at the Dolce & Gabbana show and fraternizing with the likes of Naomi Campbell and her Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin. What about math class?


  1. Janet, haven’t you figured out by now that your readers are not interested in this little twit? The Smith children are overexposed and recipients of nepotism at the highest degree. We’re sick to death of them ALREADY…please stop posting on these horrible little productions.

  2. Tiny Cruise-meister is pleased as punch that he finally got the Smith clan into his Satanic cult. No doubt that Will has given the little hitler carte blanche to whip Willow back in line and make her play catch-up in her Thetan counselling classes and her school classes. And Will is so glad to be rubbing elbows with the elite that he will insist that his family NEVER step out of line again.

  3. Guess I’m a rare fan of the kid. Her Whip Your Hair song is catchy and who really gives a damn if a celeb brat is home-schooled or not.

    Sure they are cultists. But I consider all religions cults.

  4. Zipskin, there are thousands of Catholic priests who would disagree with you… if they could take time out from feeling up alter boys.

  5. Hey, no one has pointed out how weird it is that Willow is sitting with Naomi Campbell and her Russian boyfriend. Boy, there are two people to whom you would want your kids exposed.


  7. What does she need to go to school for, she already has her music career all lined up


  8. Ha. Naomi and he billionaire must be in that cult, too.

    Again, all religions are cults. Giorgio Armani hangs with Tom Cruise all of those freaks kick it together. Same with dead Mike Jackson he wasn’t the only kiddie pervert in H’wood

  9. Yeah, Palermo. She can be the black Britney Spears.

    I remember Spears being interviewed, and her talking about eventually taking time off, and how she would like to travel the world and study, like, go to India…

    Britney: I would like to study religions and stuff.

    Interviewer: Like Hinduism

    Britney: What’s that???

    Stay in school kids!!!

  10. Don’t give a damn about the kid, I just can’t stand Jada at all. As far as Naomi Campbell what can you say. She abuses people and gets away with it, she just needs her ass kicked.

  11. Who’s gonna need Math when the big space ship comes to take them all off the planet. I wish it would be soon so we could be rid of these mentally ill people!

  12. Poor dumb little black kid…she will even grow up to be a stupid as Whitney’s daughter.

  13. What is with Naomi Campbell’s body language? Cutting him off from JaWillow but holding onto his leg?

    I don’t know what grosses me out more about the Willow Smith thing — that she even got a record out or that her parents are behind this PubliciTour.

  14. And I actually thought that was Kimora Simmons, not Naomi and the boyfriend’s better looking than I expected . . . especially after seeing some of Naomi’s latest photos. She’s looking a bit rough.

  15. @aeduko, we could speculate about Naomi’s relationship until the cows come home. There are lots of red flags there, but the biggest is the race thing – Russians tend to be very racist. A Russian billionaire with a black girlfriend? I don’t care how famous she is, or how beautiful she is supposed to be, that is suspect.

  16. True, just like the Janet Jackson thing….the Arabs or the Russians believe the blacks belong in the servants quarters…this is a very short term thing for both.

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