The Hollywood Reporter was uncharacteristically gossipy this week in describing Vin Diesel’s filming of Fast & Furious 7. Sources said that Diesel has been very difficult and one day spent the whole day in his trailer without working at all. The next day he kept everyone waiting for four hours. And so on and so on. Facial replacement technology is being used to recreate the late star Paul Walker with the cooperation of his brothers. An enormous amount of time and attention is being paid to the Walker character and Vin is getting frustrated. The chairman of Universal Pictures denied that Vin is acting up and insists he has been terrific despite the “challenges.” (Above, Vin and Jordana Brewster on set)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Taking advantage of a deceased Man to make money is not only unpalatable it is simply immoral and disgusting . How on Earth do people pay to see these rubbish films?

  2. @Philberto: educate urself, sheeple. Walker staged up his death, hes alive and well. Welcome to reality….

  3. Translation? This fool is competing with a dead man. Wonder which one of his egos drives home at night.

  4. He could be depressed knowing that the movie is now going to be “different”. There’s probably lots of elements going on here. Nonetheless it’s a paycheck Vin.

  5. Philberto, you’re an idiot! Making movies is a business & multi-millions of bucks were sunk into the production when Walker died. The insurance company is now paying for all the costs involved in replacing Walker, either through CGI or using his brother. It’s that, or pay the production company 10 times that & just shut down the movie & scrap it.

    XYZ, you’re an even bigger idiot, who can’t even spell correctly!

  6. ……..he has a vagina now?

    please remember the brains are still manly.

    well……..sort of.

  7. Vin Diesel is one of Fast&Furious’s producers and always was a diva when the filming is complicated ( see Babylon AD’s filming)

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