For the past few weeks Tori Spelling seems to have been in a fragile mental state and there seem to be plenty of reasons. She spends too much money – especially on real estate she can’t afford – and she’s bombarded with lawsuits, property liens and tax problems. And of course she has five young kids at home, increasing the chaos. But is it all real? It turns out Tori and her Beverly Hills 90210 costar Jennie Garth are working on a new CBS series in which they play “exaggerated versions of themselves.” Is Tori drumming up excitement for the new show by sensationalizing her private life? Just Asking…

(Above, Tori and family were escorted out of a Tarzana restaurant by police)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Oh, it ABSOLUTELY is.

    Her father’s curse, as it were, was to ever put Tori IN FRONT of a camera. Her unceasing need for attention is an addiction, and those poor kids–and yes, husband Dean, too–are just along for the ride at this point, with a madwoman at the wheel.

    We have marveled, however, at the bottomless resources of the municipalities of Thousand Oaks, Tarzana, etc., which apparently have no trouble devoting multiple units/resources to Tori’s every publicity stunt.

    Would that Mama Candy could effect a temporary, involuntary committal under California’s Section 5150 (we love that statutory–“statutori?”– designation!); some time out of circulation might be just the cure for her daughter’s fame-whoring.

  2. brilliantly crazy and manipulative..she learned from the knee of TWO MASTERS!

  3. And as regards her latest “project”: which GENIUS at CBS gave the go-ahead? Tori must still be able to call in some favors on the strength of her Dad’s name.

    Recall it wasn’t too many seasons ago that Tori and Jennie fronted an ill-conceived series where they played “two moms who routnely go undercover to solve capers.”

    The publicity shots of goggle-eyed, big-jawed Tori, gazing at the camera, complete with her trademark Mrs. Potato Head red plastic lips, trussed-up in S&M GEAR (yes, she is RELENTLESS) told anyone everything they’d need to know about the show’s awfulness.

    It aired on one of ABC’s multifarious “family channels,” but even being relegated to cablecast Siberia wasn’t a sufficient burial ground: it was canceled after just a few outings.

  4. Dean can’t wait until she is locked up in a secure facility so he can get one step closer to the Spelling cash.

  5. She’s as phony as a $3 bill. I believe nothing that involves her or her husband.

  6. Despite appearances, Tori is not a PROPERTY-OWNER. She and Dean have RENTED a series of houses during their marriage, moving something like 7 times in 8 years; including a beautiful Mission Revival spread in Calabasas, which they simply could not afford after a while.

    At one point they rented a place at the beach, and Tori–then deep in her Malibu Earth Mother phase–let it be known in the press that nothing would benefit their growing family more than having a place of their very own. At the beach.

    Mama Candy soon schooled those who put the question to her in the “difference between COULD and WOULD.” With a fortune estimated to be north of $600 million, Mama C could easily afford to buy a house for Tori & Co. if she chose–likely with the spare change she might find among her sofa cushions.

    That she has chosen NOT TO, makes implicit, along with her published statements, that she is not about to settle real property on a pair of adults who have proven time and again to be hopeless when it comes to money and finances.

    Some time later she paid a visit to the couple at the home they were then renting in the Valley. The occasion was one of those over-the-top but strangely joyless birthday parties that Tori loves putting together, and was included in her “Tru Tori” reality series.

    But once again, Mrs. Spelling stole the scene, when she arrived with a surprising plus-one: Academy Award winner (and no stranger to Big-League Family Drama): Tatum O’Neal–a wholly unexpected development that sent a clearly rattled Tori into whispered conversations with her husband and the producers, in her bedroom.

    Meanwhile, Tatum and her new bestie proved to be the life of the party. They laughed animatedly, joked with one another, and at one point delivered the killshot: in playful banter before the cameras they revealed that they were considering “buying a BEACH HOUSE TOGETHER.” (!!)

    Yes, indeed–Mama Candy, socialite, philanthropist, real-estate mogultress, (and rumored former showgirl) knows how to play HARDBALL. 😀

    Stay tuned. Whatever production Tori may be currently cooking up, if Candy’s involved, it certainly won’t be boring.

  7. Gdeparancid, this is great! You should ask Janet for a job.

  8. Ah, thank you for the kind words, but we leave the real reportage to the expert–Janet. 😀

    Tori and Dean just happen to be a favorite subject, considering the way they have connived to remain in the public eye–with all the subtlety of a ball peen hammer!

    Their relationship is an interesting one; they managed to hurt an awful lot of people in the process of getting together, including the Massachusetts family of Charlie Shanian, the man who was briefly Tori’s first husband.

    She (along with an excellent ghostwriter) talked about it in her first book. She writes that when it–the fallout from her affair with Dean–all hit the fan, a young, female relative of Charlie’s told her, tearfully: “Now I don’t have to defend you at school when they call you a wh*re!”

    It took real guts to include an anecdote such as that, and we give Tori credit for it. Now, many years later, she and Dean seem to be paying a heavy price for their past misdeeds.

    Also, too, they are a kind of litmus, given their ongoing money problems. (Check the record number of store closings set to hit the retail sector this year.)

    And there are ironies upon ironies in the situation that finds the daughter of two people who built one of the largest private residences in the country, now unable to afford a home of her own.

    She’s a poor little rich girl, to be sure–but also a feisty, self-involved “survivor,” apparently.

    Is Dean about to be cut loose? Tori’s first call to the cops–a 911 call reporting “AN INTRUDER” doesn’t bode well, considering the “intruder” was Dean–just trying to enter the house!

    Tori is his meal ticket–and his housing voucher. If she is prepping to make single-motherhood (one of her pet phrases) her new roadshow, then things don’t look good for Dean, who is actually talented.

    When it’s all said and done, we think he will regret most of all his quitting “Chopped Canada” (at Tori’s insistence)–which was vital to his autonomy, as well as an actual means to support his six children and two wives. 🙁

    As we say, stay tuned!

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