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Marie Claire in Australia created “The Perfect Woman” by patching together what the magazine thinks are the best facial features of various celebrities. Usually these celebrity “Frankensteins “ look distorted and creepy, but this one actually IS a beauty. However, despite all the celebrity contributions, the resulting face eerily resembles Taylor Swift – even though only the hair is actually HERS. Do men’s magazines ever do this kind of thing to create “The Perfect Man?”



  1. Interesting pic.

    What an idea for the perfect man. My perfect male face might be a combination of Bras Pitt, Colin Farell, Gerard Butler, Alex O’laughlin and hmmm, a young Sean Connery? Yeah, that’s it!

  2. I have a friend that lives in Australia, they say the Australian woman typically have a skinny/narrow nose. Interestingly enough an Aussie mag has shown this to be their ideal.

  3. The photo only slightly resembles Taylor Swift because of the hair, which is hers. The female composite has eyes that are much smaller, a different nose and she has a different shaped mouth than Taylor Swift.

  4. I dont think Taylor Swift is even pretty. Take away the expensive clothing and make up artist and yiu get a very common looking girl with tiny eyes and a really annoying smile

  5. I think this thing looks a bit freakish. Although the parts may be perfect, putting them all together does not make a perfect person.

  6. What makes a “perfect” face, is not the perfection, but the personality which shines through the features, the life experience, the depth of feeling, the empathy, the LIFEFORCE behind the features. Sometimes yoyu can be totally beautiful, technically, and lack the Human warmth that brings the beauty.

  7. To: I

    I don’t think Taylor Swift is a raving beauty either. She is too tall and skinny and with her slanted eyes, she must be part Chinese.

    Anyhoo, the only female with a perfect face is the diva Kelly Ripa. It just oozes from her that she is soooo beeuuutiful. And here’s a thought: I do not think they will ever replace Regis Philbin. Kelly wants it all to herself. I believe they will just keep having guest co-hosts forever. (off-subject, sorry).

  8. Swift’s eyes aren’t that large and she’s waaay too skinny..

  9. Anyone else find that composite to look strangely creepy?

    And I may be an outlier, but I am not a fan of the huge forehead, big-head, huge round eyes and eyebrows, lollipop-shaped look — I may be the one person on the planet who does not think Angelina Jolie is gorgeous (although from angles that hide how round and huge her head, eyes, lips, and other features are, I do find her attractive)

    I like a narrower rather than rounder face, with good cheekbones, nice chin, well-defined jawline, and a certain kind of eyes that I can’t describe. There are women that I think are gorgeous, but not any of those in the composite; and I can’t think of any right now. Elizabeth Taylor in her day I found gorgeous (there are more recent ones but am just not coming up with them)

  10. Alyssa Milano, before she looked as if she were on testosterone with that weird kind of masculine look that Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore developed, too…

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