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We’re not sure if Rumer Willis, 22, is a good or a bad influence on her little sister Tallulah, 17. Tallulah already has a tattoo, smokes, and has been caught by police with alcohol. Rumer hasn’t had any outstanding acting jobs lately, but she’s started singing and is said to have a distinctive voice. The sisters, who have a similar fashion sense, went shopping in Beverly Hills this weekend and ended up at Whole Foods.

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  1. it’s always fun when rumer joins the party:HER FACE JUST CAN’T BE TAKEN SERIOUS.

    (some people tried but failed dramaticely)

  2. Tats, smokes, cops caught her with booze & only 17? Pretty tame compared to some of her peers. Seriously Janet, is this really newsworthy?

  3. “A distinctive voice” is code for she can’t sing a note but because her parents are famous we’ll apply technology and make her a pop star anyway.

  4. Not sure how they managed to have all unfortunate looking kids, you would have thought at least one would be cute. Mom is too busy trying to hang onto her child husband who is clearly cheating on her left and right from all I have read.

  5. I think Demi is desperate to hang on to him and to pay him back for cheating, I’ve read that she is cheating too. Ah, such is HWood.

    The kids are and have been running wild; no one to discipline them and advise them. The chin may be the reason movie producers will so NO to her career. None of them have morals or good common sense, or (sorry to say) good looks.

  6. So much for raising the kids in Idaho to keep them away from negative influences! But I also agree w/ Yoyo — pretty tame stuff at 17, sad to say.

  7. Looks likes 17 year-old Taloo is showing off her new set of implants.

    They grow up so fast! 🙂

  8. Pulleeze — no more photos of The Chin. And I agree with Denise — “distinctive” isn’t a welcome adjective when one is trying to promote one’s voice!

  9. famous and entitled simply because of who their parents are.

  10. “Four”*

    *Minimum times per day these two “celebrities” change outfits to keep the paps clicking away.

  11. The first I thing I thought of when I saw this photo was the Manson Family. Whoa.

  12. Rumer is proof that you can have decent looking parents and still grow up to look like you were repeatedly beaten with the fugly shovel.

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