Pamela Anderson, 46, has announced that she’s running in the New York Marathon this year to raise money for Haitian relief. We can’t help but wonder what jogging might do to her huge implants. We really haven’t seen Pam run since she appeared on Baywatch in that red bathing suit. But that wasn’t anywhere near the six plus miles in the marathon. Certainly she’ll raise a lot of money and be a decorative addition to the race, but isn’t this risky for her?

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  1. Did you really post this, or was it some gifted male intern? PA isn’t exactly the first well-endowed female to run a marathon.

  2. Damn, when will she fade away. Per a gossip site, she is back with filthy Rick Salomon because he is just THE BEST. (Rick made the famous sex tape with Paris Hilton). I don’t want to think about this nymphomaniac any more, I already have a headache from a hard day at the casino.

  3. If her brain could morph into what is always on her mind, it would be a giant penis. Dare we LOL?

  4. I read somewhere she is up to her false tits in debt. I’d like to see her running all hot and sweaty sans makeup trying desperately to get paparazzi attention.

  5. too true MM,

    this group of haters is a lot creepier than Pam’s boobies bouncing down West Broadway.

  6. Pammy looks like she downsized the implants. She has been looking lots better lately.

  7. Just another cretin has been trying to stay relevant. Go live in Haiti, darling, stay there forever with ur beloved savage monkeys….

  8. I couldn’t possibly care less about this bimbo, but this is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of her. She actually looks like a normal woman, not some caricature.

  9. I have never hated her, but I also read she is dating Rick Salomon and in her words it is for fun and s*x, no strings attached. This is so gross.

    As to her looks in pic above, she does look better, although the suit is ill-fitting and you can see parts of her hair extensions. I don’t know where life is taking her, but it seems she is embracing it to the fullest. Wonder how her two boys are doing.

  10. One thing you can count on is that Pam will neither run 26 miles or 6 miles.

  11. Pam may not run very far or well, but she’ll always be more generous than you have been, Mr. Strom

  12. Poor Ms Weaver, caustic to posters. Let’s see if Pam shows and runs.Doubts

  13. Poor @Strom, the self deluding, but, mis-understood homophobe, the anonymous racist, and misogynist and a self hating liar …. awww poor thing.

  14. You are dis-ingenuous Strom, it’s not a caustic accusation, not even close, as your a foul and creepy person at the best of times, and have been so for years. Read the posts, fact. ewwwww

  15. It’s not about posters but please advise of any inaccuracy, if you can!

  16. Hey strom did you ever call the mental health hotline that someone posted for you? Call that number every day five times a day if needed.

  17. dear Strom please advise of anything beyond sick obsessions ? anything beyond your delusional bullshit ? you ALWAYS invert statement for proof !

    example: Strom is a Lesbian Marxist Pedophile … please advise of any inaccuracy ?

    we’ll need proof dumbass, not contrary assertions !!! proof !

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