Michael Lohan had better hurry up and pay a quick visit to his daughter Lindsay at Cirque Lodge rehab in Utah, because her days there might be numbered. We’re surprised that they didn’t kick her out when she was accused of having sex with a male patient in the bathroom she was SUPPOSED to be cleaning. She’s not only shirking chores, but she supposedly tested positive for cocaine when given a surprise drug test. We wonder if the egotistical Lindsay remembers that her plea bargain hinged on COMPLETING rehab – if she doesn’t, she could face a looong jail sentence.


  1. If she tested positive for cocaine use while in “rehab”– it’s safe to say there WAS NO REHAB.
    Hence, no plea deal.

  2. Let’s hope they kick the c u n t out! Her movie career is deader than Natalie Wood. She would serve us a big favor if when she gets out, she hunts down Paris hilton, shoots her in the head, and then takes her own life!

  3. okay I adore this girl, she is a talented actress but if she wants to continue and play stupide, I hope they lock her up and throw away the key and I know people this has happened to.
    she better watch it. 🙁

  4. can’t stand this girl, she is nasty to people, stick her butt in jail, she deserves it.

  5. I do not know of one single rehab facility that would allow a person who tests positive to stay in the facility. There are no second chances!
    Of course, I also never knew of a facility that let a patient leave everyday to go to a public gym. Rehab has become such a joke, which is really sad!!!!

  6. YEP, the girl fucked indeed. Including her bewitched MUM.
    Try to find a job at Wall-Mart!!

  7. She’ll reap what she sows. No need to be bitter about her – she obviously doesn’t get it.
    Everything she does will come back to haunt – if not kill – her.

  8. natural consequences will catch up and i don’t think she’ll have the strength or awareness to understand.

  9. Lindsay needs to memorize the memorable lines of her last film playing the role of ‘Cody..’ that was once the role of James Cagney.
    White Heat Flame Crotch
    Cody Jarrett: [while eating a chicken leg, Jarrett speaks to Parker in the trunk of the sedan] How ya doin’, Parker?
    Roy Parker: It’s stuffy in here, I need some air.
    Cody Jarrett: Oh, stuffy, huh? I’ll give ya a litte air.
    [pulls a gun from his pants and shoots four times into the trunk]
    Cody Jarrett: A copper, a copper, how do you like that boys? A copper and his name is Fallon. And we went for it, I went for it. Treated him like a kid brother. And I was gonna split fifty-fifty with a copper!
    Cody Jarrett: Made it, Ma! Top of the world!
    [last lines]
    Philip Evans: Cody Jarrett…
    Hank Fallon: He finally got to the top of the world… and it blew right up in his face.
    Verna Jarrett: It’s always “somebody tipped them.” Never “the cops are smart.”

  10. Janet, your story is a complete fabrication. You will be hearing from me very soon with respect to my client Ms. Lohan. You have done enough damage to celebrities with your false postings. What’s next? Lindsay Lohan is a space alien visiting from the planet Neptune?

  11. I’ll have to agree that this probably isn’t true – from what I know of that particular rehab, those sort of actions would result in immediate expulsion from the program.

  12. Anon – 12:28 – i agree with you. I don’t believe this story either. It seems completely fabricated.
    I feel sorry for Lind’s but thats what happens when you court publicity. The paps and media never go away – even in your darkest hour.

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  14. If that’s really Gloria Allred posting, then I’m Senator Hillary Clinton!

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